Having recognized the high number of Apple device users worldwide, 918KISS launched its MEGA888 iOS version in 2018. Therefore, today I’m going to show you how to download Mega888 Original.

Everyone in the casino gaming industry knows that MEGA88 is the brainchild of 918Kiss. After the release of MEGA888, 918KISS is soaring high in fame and fortune.

Why Did Malaysian Start To Download MEGA888 Original?

Casinos are one of the oldest and ongoing methods of making a huge amount of money at once. No matter what the conditions are, casinos have always been trending. And people play games like crazy for hours and hours. On the other hand, different casinos offer different packages for gaming. Usually, casinos come along with hotels and restaurants to attract more public.

But with the current pandemic situation, casino goers have diverted their attention towards online casinos more. Therefore, the fondness of gaming has switched from land to online casinos.

Moreover, there are so many online casinos available nowadays. Currently, the online casino everyone is sourcing for is MEGA888.

It is a brainchild of 918KISS and thus many 918KISS gamers simply adore and love it. It is easy to download the MEGA888 Original from the internet. But the point is, are you confident that it is the original APK?

This is something all gamers have to look out for when downloading the MEGA888.

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How To Download MEGA888 Original Image Guide

How To Download MEGA888 Original?

Browse > Choose the right download site for your phone > Click Install > Wait patiently for MEGA888 to download.

Find Out How Azri Won RM50,000 In MEGA888 Malaysia

Azri is an office boy. His life is very regular every day. He goes to work at 9 am and goes home at 5 pm. Furthermore, he is a very filial piety person. The first thing he did when he got home was to take care of his sick mother.

After settling down everything, he will turn on his favorite MEGA888 slot game to relax. And see if he can make some extra money. Such a dull life has been maintained, until one day he met Joker13 – the famous online casino in Malaysia.

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Download MEGA888 Original At Joker13

Joker13 is different from other online casinos. They make the player feel special. Let’s continue reading to find out how special it is.

Every time after the player deposit, they will let the player know which slot game that is most likely to win money. Just like a teacher. Moreover, they patiently instruct the player on what to pay attention to and what to do to win money.

Besides, Joker13 also taught Azri how to distinguish between original and copy MEGA888. It was then that Azri realized the APK he downloads previously was pirated.

After download MEGA888 Original from Joker13. He practices and takes notes of each game pay line, gameplay, and the most suitable bet amount.

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Talented Azri Winning RM50,000

Azri is very talented. In just three weeks, he was able to accurately predict when he should increase the bet amount and then win money. One month after joining Joker13, he successfully won RM50,000 from MEGA888, which is equivalent to the salary of an ordinary employee working in Malaysia for 11 months!

This incident also came to Malaysia’s Nationwide newspaper – Berita Harian. His inspiring stories also caught the attention of the Malaysian people. Overnight, he became famous and rich. But, after winning such money Azri didn’t choose to quit his job. He still continues working and being humble.

On the other hand, he donated the RM25,000 he won to the nursing home. We feel happy for Azri because this money gives him a better life.

The above is based on a true story happening in Malaysia. Maybe you will be the next Azri, who knows?

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Can I Make Sure The Company I Join Is Trustable As Joker13 through Mega888 That Azri Joined?

I am sure by now most of you would have read the story about Azri in the Berita Harian newspaper. He is a regular working-class humble Malaysian who came into the limelight after winning RM 50k in Joker13 game through MEGA888 online casino. It is a rag to riches story that happened to Azri overnight at the comfort of his home. It was sensational news and was very inspiring to me. Therefore, I decided to get in touch with Azri to fund out in detail how he managed to win this RM 50K.

Finding Azri was not difficult and I had a good chat with him. As stated above Azri’s humility shined through when I was talking to him. There was not a single ounce of show-off attitude in Azri about winning 50K from MEGA888.

My first question to him was how did he win in Mega888? Azri replied by saying, “It is all hard work and fair play”. This answer from him raised another question in my mind. Therefore, I asked him what he meant by hard work and fair play. He gave a big smile and explained in detail to me his strategy to win.

Strategy To Win In MEGA888

This is what he told me:
“Once I had registered as a member of MEGA888, the customer support team was very helpful to me. They sent me an installer link file and guided me on how to download the MEGA888 original on my mobile device. Also, they were there 24 by 7 for me.

On the other hand, they also gave me a Test Id account to test play any of the games in MEGA888 with free credits. All these built great trusts in this APK. Moreover, I started testing one game at a time. All I did was play the game and most of the time ended up losing. It was something new to me and I kept losing. I was losing hope and would just stop playing.

Research About Download  MEGA888 Original

One day I was looking for some tips and tricks from MEGA888. And I came across an article on Linkedin about “How To Define The Online Casino Is Trustable”.

I read this article thoroughly and then it dawned on me what I was doing wrong. The article gave a good explanation of why we are playing at MEGA888 and some of the yop games that would surely reap a good amount of money if played strategically.

Therefore, I went back to MEGA888 and looked for Joker13. To my surprise, it was a tough yet interesting game to play. Since I had the Test ID account, I used the free credits to play Joker13. The hard and fast rule the Linkedin article taught me was to play Joker13 many times and learn the strategies that lie beneath the fame. I too jotted down all the important moves I made when I did not win. Each time I played I used the 1st strategy I learned and realized that the game was getting easier to understand and play. I had tested Joker13 at least 20 times and only upon the 21st try got my first winning.

Google To Download MEGA888 Original
Share With You When Sze Wen Started To Download MEGA888 Original

The Covid-19 pandemic is taking the whole world by storm. Thousands and thousands of people have died all over the world and Malaysia is no exception. We might not have thousands who had died but the hundreds that had left us is enough to say that Malaysia is not Covid free.

Malaysia is fighting hard to keep Covid at bay but it looks like Covid is becoming like the common flu. Hundreds are getting infected daily and hundreds are recovering daily. What does this show? Malaysians are building up their immune system to fight this deadly virus. That is a good thing and all praises go to the government who had taken stringent actions to combat the virus.

Currently, every country, including Malaysia is practicing the New Normal. The New Normal has become an integral part of our lives. We do not leave the house without wearing a mask and hand sanitizer. We do not have huge gatherings and meetings. We practice social distancing and avoid crowded places. With this New Normal protocol in place, everything seems to be heading in the right direction.

Register With Official MEGA888

Since the pandemic started and all the lockdowns, Sze Wen has become an online casino gamer. Furthermore, Sze Wen has registered and become a member of the Mega888 online casino. It only took a few minutes of her time to register. And another few minutes to download MEGA888 original on her mobile device. Sze Wen enjoys immensely all the slots and table games that it offers.

She plays religiously dally. But she wins at times and loses at times too. It doesn’t bother her too much anyway. She is in control when she plays MEGA888. Moreover, she won’t let the games take over her. On the other hand, she knows when to stop playing and when to walk away.

When She makes a win, She will save it for a rainy day. She never uses her winnings to keep on playing.

Chat With Official Mega888
Guess The Majority Of Covid-19 Cases And Bet On MEGA888

One day as Sze Wen was playing some games, a question stuck in her mind. Can she guess the majority of COVID-19 cases per day? And then bet at MEGA888? It sounds silly but looks lucrative too.

Therefore, she approached the customer support team and asked for their advice on this. Their immediate answer was “NO”. It was not a practical thing to do as the number of covid patients fluctuates daily. They suggested that she use some other practical method to bet.

MEGA888 Replied:

The customer support team gave her another new cool idea. Instead of betting on figures that she is uncertain of, it would help if she got the MEGA888 Test Id and test play all the games.

Moreover, along with the Test Id came the free credits. She could use these free credits to play the same game repeatedly and learn some strategies. Likewise, once she has understood a few strategies. She can use them on other games to see if it works on them.

Besides, the only drawback with a Test ID is that if she makes a win, she is not able to withdraw the money.  But for Sze Wen learning the strategy is more important. She can apply these newly learned strategies when she plays with her own money later. 

The covid pandemic is here to stay. Therefore, play at MEGA888 to earn some extra income and also to relax from tension just like Sze Wen. 

Why Malaysian Prefer  MEGA888 iOS Instead Of  Android?

People simply love to use Apple devices due to its elegant design, user-friendly mobile features, robustness, and its exclusive in-house mobile apps.

Updated Version Of MEGA888 iOS 14

Everyone prefers Apple devices compared to Android devices.

On the other hand, the MEGA888 iOS Download is available in the market catering for all Apple iPhone models.

Therefore, during the download, you will get a choice to select your iPhone model.

This is a trademark of a good developer who has every single user in mind.

iPhone 5G Technology Malaysia 

2020 is a turning point for technology. Although 5G is not yet supported in many states of Malaysia. But the MEGA888 has been the first mobile slot APK to get the technology. Therefore, players who buy the latest iPhone 12 or above can download Mega888 Original at 20 times the speed faster than 4G plus devices. Moreover, it allowing users to experience less delay/lag when requesting data from the network — a latency of milliseconds, imperceptible to humans.

Who Prefers To Use iOS Download MEGA888 Original?

There are two (2) broad categories of people who desire this:

1) Who Go For High-Quality Games

Apple devices offer a high definition screen resolution which is a delight to your eyes. Any iOS slot game application would look picture perfect on Apple devices.

2) Who Prefer To Play Slot Games With High Speed

The fact is clear that iOS tends to perform much better than Android. Moreover, Apple devices have much greater core processors than Android devices.

This speed difference makes playing the most intense casino games, sheer pleasure, and a smoother experience.

Also, this is why people love to play through the MEGA888 iOS Download.

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Populations In Malaysia
Mega888 iOS Download Vs. Mega888 Android Download

But Why Android MEGA888 Is Still The Most Downloaded APK By Malaysian?

Malaysian prefer the iOS versions when downloading MEGA888 Original, but why they are using Android devices?

According to Demographics, Malaysia is divided into three groups: Malays, Chinese, and Indian. Furthermore, Malays account for at most which are 68.8%. While Chinese only 23.2% and Indians are the least which only 7%.

Even though Malay has the largest population but their average income is about RM1693 – RM5848. The price of the iPhone 12 is RM4099, which accounts for 80% of the salary of Malaysians. This figure is obvious, although everyone likes the iOS version, not everyone can afford the iPhone.

Mega888 iOS

How To Download Mega888 iOS Original?

The best way to Download MEGA888 Original is to get it from a safe and secure website.

When you enter the site, there will be options for you to download the MEGA888. Moreover, choices are there for the installation of the different versions for iPhone 6 above or below.

By downloading through the MEGA888.gaming , ALL of the slot games, table games are available.

What To Do If MEGA888 iOS Is Not Working?

Once the full installation of the iOS Mega888 is over. There is something that must be done.

You need to adjust the setting on your to allow the App to trust and run on your mobile device.

Likewise, this is one of Apple’s most desired security features.

It does not allow untrustable apps to download so easily. Furthermore, it prevents viruses and malicious malware from invading your devices.

This feature is not available on Android mobile devices.

Malaysians Winning In MEGA888

Malaysians Love To Play Mobile Slot

Malaysians love to play slot games in general. Why you may ask? They know that the returns would be enormous for the small bets.

Since MEGA888 entry into the gaming market, everyone with smartphone has it on their devices.

Also, it has captured their hearts by providing a lot of benefits. Here are some of them:

Payout: It offers one of the highest winning payouts in the world.

Relaxing: Helps you to relax your mind and body from work tension.

Convenient: You can bet at the convenience of your home with no disturbances.

Fast Withdraw: When you win money and ask for a withdrawal. The online casino will transfer the money to the account you registered within 15 minutes.

Data Analysis Of Mega888 And 918Kiss

MEGA888 Is The Second Most Downloaded Mobile Slot In Malaysia

If you’re a fan of the slot machine, table game, or fish Shooting game, then this is your game. Some of you may be asking, why is it number two in Malaysia when it’s so much fun?

Since it was only developed in 2018, the accumulated number of players is still less than 918KISS. However, in recent years, MEGA888 is indeed higher than the 918KISS. Furthermore, the growth rate of the player is also very high. However, KISS918 is standing still, without any improvement.

Is Mobile Slot Game The Trend In 2021?

Due to the impact of the outbreak of coronavirus many tourism is affected. The casino is not exceptional also.

Therefore, in order to control the flow if you are not a member of the casino, you are not allowed to enter the casino gambling.

The MEGA888 recently increased a lot of new players. Previously most of them go to Genting Casino to gamble. Due to the CMCO, they slowly accept online casinos.

Therefore, if we had a platform like MEGA888, it solves the player’s gambling addiction.

Furthermore, gambling in the home can be so easy. Moreover, the withdrawal only takes 15 minutes to transfer into your account.

Such convenient and fast service is what modern people pursue. This main reason why mobile slot game is a trend in Malaysia.

2020 Percentage Malaysian Download MEGA888 Original During CMCO
2020 Percentage Malaysian Download MEGA888 Original During CMCO

The Download Of MEGA888 Original Keeps Increasing During This Period. Why?

Ask any seasoned online casino gamer if they know about 918KISS, their face will glow and light up. This is obvious among passionate online casino gamers as 918KISS has been around since the last decade.

Besides, since its transformation and rebranding from SCR888 to 918KISS, it has captured the hearts of many online casino gamers. The smart new logo, the vibrant and vivacious eye candy colors, the huge variety of slots, table games, and arcade games. On the other hand, above all great winnings from jackpots made 918KISS a sure winner in the hearts of young and old gamers.

918KISS stands high and mighty holding its fame in the online casino circle till today. However, in recent times, MEGA888 APK has slowly come into the online casino arena picture. And is steadily rising to fame and gaining recognition. First of all, let’s see who is this MEGA888 APK and what it has to offer.

Only after this analysis, we would be able to gauge why MEGA888 APK is climbing the ladder of popularity.

“Mega” means huge and 888 means good fortune. Furthermore, this APK gives you a wonderful chance to enjoy well-designed and chosen games that are made exclusively for passionate online gamers.

Best APK On Android & iOS

The MEGA888 APK games are best suited for Android and Apple mobile devices giving gamers an experience to last a lifetime.

Thus, it makes gaming mobile anywhere and anytime. It also promises huge profits from the table and slot games allowing you to win thousands at a time.

Besides this, access to MEGA888 APK is safe and secure everywhere. The installer files come with strong file protection and are virus-free. Therefore, all information on mobile devices remains secure at all times.

Registering on it is also easy breezy. Hassle-free and takes only a few minutes with minimal information asked.

Players can register through WhatsApp or Telegram by contacting the online casino’s customer support representative.

Upon registering, the whole world of MEGA888 online casino gaming unfolds in your palms.

Keep It Private

Just remember to keep your password and your username private. The most inviting and promising thing games delight in at MEGA888 is how to withdraw the winnings.

Besides, players can easily begin withdrawals by contacting the customer support representative of online casinos.

After a verification process, they will transfer it into your account via online banking throughout Malaysia. This is a strict, confidential, and secure process for protecting user information and identity.

It aids you in playing all the casino games in a peaceful environment.
After reading all the positive points listed above, it is clear cut why the download of MEGA888 APK keeps increasing during this period.

Reason People Started To Join Online Casino

In today’s generation, we have many 90s kids, Millennials, and Gen Z gamers. They want speed, excitement, sound, and vibrant color in the palms of their hand. Moreover, they want to be able to play MEGA888 APK in the comfort of their home with no disturbances.

Also, they want to be able to enjoy the games on MEGA888 APK to the fullest and at the same time make some money along the way.

918KISS is still in the game but MEGA888 is doing more to attract many gamers to their website.

Change is indeed something we all must do constantly to keep ourselves going. It has identified this need. And is heading in the right clear cut path to fame and fortune. Watch out 918KISS as MEGA888 APK is spearheading like a torpedo in the online casino gaming circle!

Can I Bet On Who Would Win The Election In MEGA888
The General Election In Malaysia Is Approaching. Can I Bet On Who Will Win In MEGA888?

Malaysians are gearing up for the next general election. There are so many questions in Malaysians minds like how the new government would be, how Malaysia is going to survive amidst this Covid-19 pandemic, how are small and medium businesses going to survive. And how is the government going to help? So many questions and no one seems to have the answers.

Furthermore, the current government has made some leeway for small and medium businesses to digitize and go online. Nonetheless, many companies have jumped on this bandwagon and on the way to a slight recovery in this economic downturn. 

One such company that I know of is the MEGA888 online casino. It is an unparalleled destination for online casino gaming. Moreover, they have an impeccable reputation in the online gaming industry. Their quickest payment process, proven experience in customer service, and participant satisfaction have all earned a title and a place in the hearts of gamers.

What Servies Is Provided?

MEGA888 offers slot games, table games, and arcade casino games on their website. With hundreds of new people registering and downloading the casino applications every day of the week, it is gaining popularity at a steady pace. The customer support team is available 24 by 7 and this is why many people feel safe and secure to participate in all the games.

Since the general election is approaching, a bright idea struck me. Would it be offering any games that you can bet on to see who would win the election?

Now the three most competitive forces are Muhyiddin, Anwar, and Mahathir. Likewise, it would be great if we can place our bet on who will win in the next election.

Learn more: Learn more about MEGA888 customer service.

MEGA888 Official Email
Conversation With Official MEGA888

I was wondering about who to ask. I asked around some of my close friends and relatives who are MEGA888 online casino gamers. They too had no answers. Also, I searched the internet and read a lot of blogs and forums but no one is available to give me an accurate answer.

Suddenly, a bright idea dawned on me. I approached the MEGA888 customer support team for this answer. To my horrendous surprise, they too knew nothing or could not say much. But the customer support team was kind enough to share an email address, where I could write to.

Therefore, I did my task ardently and wrote in. Weels past and no response from anyone. Suddenly, yesterday I got an email from the top person of Mega888. The email immediately made me jump in joy. First and foremost there was an apology for the late reply.

Secondly, there was a confirmation that Official MEGA888 would be having a betting session to see who would win in the next election. Thirdly, the update on this betting software is nearing completion.

On the other hand, since I had asked a wonderful and useful question, MEGA888 would like me to become a member of it.

Also, as a welcome gesture, MEGA888 had given me free credits to kick start my casino gaming journey.

Professional Customer Support

Immediately, I got in touch with the customer support team. And sign up as a member. Only a few quick questions and within minutes I became a member with MEGA888 online casino. A frequently asked question file was sent to me and an installer link to download the MEGA888 original on my mobile was sent to me through email.

The installation took only a few minutes and a vast ocean of fun-filled games was at my fingertips. Also, I tried some of the games using the free credits allocated to me. I won some and lost some. Only then it dawned on me that I would need to learn the art of strategizing and playing.

Anyway, slow and steady wins the race. I shall practice more and be ready to play the new election game when the door opens.

Download MEGA888 Original Today And Get Your BPN (Bantuan Prihatin Nasional)
MEGA888 Online Decides To Give Back To Society

Covid-19 slowly and silently crept into our lives overnight, leaving us shocked and devastated. Something that cannot be seen by the naked eye has spread through the entire world like a raging wildfire.

Moreover, a lot of countries are now in a slump facing a slow economic downturn and Malaysia is no exception. Furthermore, the government is doing its level best to keep all companies surviving. It has come up with many packages and one such package is the Prihatin package.

The PRIHATIN Package aims to protect the welfare of the people, support businesses. Also, including Small and Medium Enterprises as well as strengthen the country’s economy to weather the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Besides, the biggest move and initiative that Prihatin offers to Small and Medium Enterprises is to digitize and go online to market their products. This is one initiative many small businesses are welcoming with open arms as we are now in the digital era. Social media plays an integral part in our lives now from the start of the day till we retire at night. Everything is digital and so businesses have to keep up with this pace.

Jumping on this bandwagon of this Prihatin initiative is MEGA888 Online. It has made casino gaming go online and be made available 24 by 7. This has been happening over the past few years. And only now in 2020 has taken a firmer stand. MEGA888 Online is a new player in the online casino arena but within a few years, it has gained momentum and popularity.

Most Played Game In MEGA888
Most Played Game In MEGA888
Most-Played Game In MEGA888

1)Great Blue
2)Casino War
3)Thai Paradise


I love going to land casinos and engaging in slot and table games. The lights, glitz, glamour, and clinking sound of coins always make me happy. Since the pandemic hit worldwide all casinos are shut for the time being. Felt very lost and approached my dear good friend, Bob, if he knew of any online casinos. To my surprise, Bob was an agent for MEGA888 online casino. This delighted me very much. Within minutes Bob made me a member of MEGA888 official. Within the next few minutes, I had the application downloaded to my mobile device. I am now an ardent fan of online casinos and enjoying every minute of it.

What thrills me most is that download MEGA888 original provides you with a wealth of visually pleasing video slots designed with quality animations, High Definition graphics, cinematic reels, progressive and high paying progressive jackpot slots.

Moreover,  it could turn you into an instant millionaire overnight. It also gives you enjoyable and relaxing table games too. The hype of this APK is these 3 Most-Played Games. They are Great Blue, Casino War, and Thai Paradise. Each game sings its accolades and why gamers love playing them. Let us look at each one to know more.

Great Blue Slot Game Malaysia
Great Blue Slot Game Malaysia
The Great Blue Slot game

The Great Blue is an online slot game that brings gamers deep down to the depths of the great open ocean. Furthermore, it is an underwater/nautical-themed slot that features a modern 5-reel, 25-pay line grid format with an RTP of over 96%.

As far as gameplay goes, you may expect the usual online slot experience with the addition of an entire host of sea critters decorating its reels. To win in this exclusive MEGA888 slot game, you will need to match five symbols on the reels. These symbols should also consecutively line up from the left to right, along with other pay lines which may be available on this slot game.

Mega888 Casino War
Mega888 Casino War
Casino war

Casino War is a casino table game based on the game of War. The game is one of the most easily understood casino card games and is one of the only card games where players can beat the dealer more than 50% of the time. Besides, the game is normally played with six standard 52 card decks. The cards are put in the same way that cards in poker games, with aces being the highest cards. One card is for the dealer and one to the player.

Moreover, if the player’s card is higher, he or she wins the wager they bet. However, if the dealer’s card is higher, the player loses their bet. A tie occurs when the dealer and the player each have cards of the same rank.

Download Mega888 Original Thai Paradise
Download Mega888 Original Thai Paradise
Thai Paradise

As the icy fingers of winter take hold and the days begin to get shorter and shorter, all gamers are just waiting for that big jackpot. Therefore, you can escape to a warmer climate.

The game works on 5 reels with 15 pay lines and a high volatility level, meaning that the wins may be scarce. But they could be well worth the wait weighing up to 5,000x the value of the bet per line. Keeping players entertained as they wait for the big wins to roll in are a couple of extra gameplay elements such as free spins and a simple (but potentially rewarding) gamble feature. The RTP of this slot machine is 94.99%.

Which Gambling Games Are Legal?

Online Gambling Law In Malaysia

Malaysia is a flourishing Muslim country. Despite being a Muslim country it has various ethnicity like Chinese, Indian, and others living in harmony. Gambling has been a favorite pastime among many in Malaysia since our forefathers’ time. In the olden days, it was always a card game played using a small amount of money as a bet or wager during festive seasons. Those desperate to play but had no money used goods like rice, wheat, and even precious items like gold rings and chains. The winner always left will all the winnings and there was no dispute about it. At that time gambling was not illegal as it was not a favorite game among all. Everywhere people took part in it as it was just fun.

Genting Highland Malaysia

As time went by, the Malaysian government picked up on the growth of this gambling activity. Moreover, they realizing that it might have a detrimental value in the lives of Malaysians. As such, the Malaysian government came into the idea of creating an ideal place and location for gamblers to satisfy their passion for gambling. Thus, sprung up Genting Highlands. A location far away from where society lived and worked. Not causing any harm to anyone as only if you had the money and means to go up there, you can gamble. Along with the casino came theme parks and shopping to keep the whole family entertained. Genting Highlands became a family outing resort that had something for everyone in the family to enjoy. 

4D Lottery

Another thing that the Malaysian government did was to legalize 4D and horse racing bettings. Thus, many 4D outlets sprung up in all states of Malaysia to allow Malaysians to participate in placing bets and receive the winnings legally. The choice lay in the hands of Malaysians to embark on this gambling activity.

Online Gambling

As technology grew so did the appetite of gamblers too. So, along came online gambling, Internet gambling, and e-Gambling where gamers had the ways and means of using the internet to place bets on casino games (MEGA888), and sports games (IBCBET). Also, bets are usually made online with credit card or debit card accounts. All the wins or losses are due accordingly through this account. 

Now starts the real problem where the Malaysian government is not able to control. Most of the online gambling casinos are from a foreign country. If the online casino had a physical place running its gambling activities, it would be easy to detect, trace, and take legal actions against them. Being a foreign entity it is difficult to detect and trace. The Malaysian government is hard on illegal bookies and betters. Not only the person running the bet is due for a fine but also the person engaging in the bet.

The Answer

Therefore, arises the question “Is there Online Gambling Law In Malaysia”. Malaysia is a Muslim country, both online and land gambling is illegal other than at Gentling Highlands and 4D betting booths. So, as an avid online casino gamer what you can do is first choose an online casino that has no physical existence in Malaysia. All physical casinos besides at Genting Highlands are illegal. The online casino could operate from any part of the world but allows gamblers from worldwide. 

In Your Own Risk

This means that you are participating in online gambling at your own risk. If you win and the online casino refuses to pay, you will have no one to complain to. Hope this does not deter you from engaging in online casino gaming. Anyway, gambling itself is a big risk. No pain no gain. No risk no winnings. 

Download MEGA888 Android

MEGA888 Android

MEGA888 Android has been around since 2018 in the online casino gaming circle. It has become one of the best online mobile slot game for those who simply adore and enjoy playing casino games.

The games are generally designed around animated visual themes. On the other hand, The soundtrack completes the immersive gaming experience. The winning rate is high, and the jackpots are very frequent. So, that means you can make more winnings at MEGA888.

To ensure that everyone gets to enjoy. It has 3 different kinds of installers to meet and suit every one need.

The first is the MEGA888 Android APK installer for mobile android devices like smartphones and tablets. The second is the Mega888 iOS installer for Apple mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. Last, is the PC version for desktops and laptops.

What Is So Great About The MEGA888 Android Installer?

As stated above it is an application package specially made for Android mobile devices. At one go it allows you to download and install all of the games from Joker13 online casino.

The installing process is simple and takes only a few minutes. Even gamers with no experience can follow the instructions from the installer and play the games.

Read more: Read more about MEGA888 Android.

Chart Survey Form 918KISS Or MEGA888 Is Better

Why Download MEGA888 Original Is Better Than 918Kiss APK?

918Kiss has been a big player in the online casino industry for the past few years. Capturing the hearts of many gamers as being able to go mobile and the pleasure of playing anywhere and anytime.

918Kiss had great winnings and payouts too. On the other hand, MEGA888 APK sprung up in the online casino industry in 2017.

It’s been 3 years now and it is still going strong with thousands of followers on the website. What is drawing many to this website?

This is a burning question that lingers in many gamers’ minds. Some say that MEGA888 APK has great games that give an awesome experience for players. While others say that the great winnings and payouts lure many.

On the other hand, there are still many who feel that the 3 versions of installers, namely MEGA888 APK, MEGA888 iOS, and PC version are the main reason.

Only through these installers, you can enjoy all other benefits of mobile slot games online casino.

Moreover, we interviewed 100,000 players and asked them whether MEGA888 or 918Kiss is better. The pie chart surprised us. Since 64% of players think MEGA888 APK is better, only a few 32% still think 918Kiss is irreplaceable.

Also, this report surprised us because 918Kiss has always been the first choice and favorite of players.

People Started To Think MEGA888 Is Better

The Great Question, “Why MEGA888 APK Is Better Than 918Kiss APK?”

At one single go, all the games are downloadable to your Android mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Upon installation and after logging in, you will have full access to all the slot, table, and arcade games.
Ok, now that what is APK is clear. Let us delve further into the probing question in everyone’s mind.

Why Is MEGA888 APK Better Than 918Kiss APK? 

The reasons are as follows:

Better Customer Service
  • MEGA888 APK provides better customer service than 918Kiss. Although, 918Kiss too has customer service agents. But they are not up to par with MEGA888. Moreover, the customer support is available 24 by 7 and their responding time is within minutes. Even if the download MEGA888 original does not have an immediate answer for you, an alternative answer is available.

More Free Credit

  • Upon registration, to MEGA888 have many welcome bonuses are yours for free in the form of free credits. Besides, these free credits can be useful to play the games in MEGA888. And you can withdraw the winnings easily. As for 918Kiss, it also gives free credits. But you cannot cash out the winnings won with the free credits.

Easier To Win Jackpot And More Suitable For Beginners

  • Download MEGA888 original has many progressive jackpots for beginners to play and enjoy. Also, the new gamer will find this appreciative as the main reason to play is to win the jackpot. 918Kiss also has jackpots but it is not progressive. You will never know when you will get it. For some after playing for years are yet to see the jackpot.

The Mega888 APK agent Never Blocks Players, When They Win

  • Well, this is something all gamers want. If they are on a winning streak, the MEAG888 APK authorized agents never block them from continuing their gaming. Moreover, rumors have it that in 918Kiss if the gamer is on a winning streak, they cannot log in and cannot play for a few days.

MEGA888 APK Has Never Had Such Unexpected Maintenance As 918Kiss

  • Currently, 918Kiss is under maintenance for nearly 2 weeks with no proper explanation. MEGA888 APK has never had such a situation. On the other hand, the most time MEGA888 gas taken for maintenance is just a few hours. No one has an answer to why 918Kiss is facing such a problem. Furthermore, 918Kiss does not even have the courtesy to inform their die-hard gamers on what is the reason behind this indefinite maintenance. Learn more: Learn more about 918Kiss Maintenance
Why Would People Want To Hack MEGA888

About Hack MEGA888

Have you heard about Hack MEGA888 while surfing on the internet recently? If you haven’t, then this article will be an eye-opener. Before we delve into this hot topic on Hack MEGA888, we have to know about this APK.

MEGA888 online casino’s founder is Michael Tan, a Malaysian and it is now a top player in the online casino gaming industry. It came into the limelight in 2017 and within a short period of 3 years, shot to fame and climbed the ladder of success in the online casino world.

MEGA888 provides unlimited replay value, excellent thematic game design, high profitability winnings and returns, and smooth gameplay flow with speed. Due to all these reasons, MEGA888 has captured the hearts of many gamers.

Rise In Fame And Earning A Lot Of Haters

As MEGA888’s popularity grew year by year, so did the pool of haters. Besides, these haters always looked for a way to hack MEGA888.

Furthermore, these haters were from other casinos that used to be greatly popular. But now not in the limelight anymore. They looked for ways and means of bringing MEGA888 down.

The aim to hack MEGA888 was always futile as this APK had a strong and robust security system.

Nonetheless, to hack MEGA888 there was so much software sold in the online market that ranged from Rm 50 to Rm 500. Moreover, the more you paid the better options you got to break the codes in MEGA888 to win the jackpot prizes.

Stories say that the person who first came up with hack  MEGA888 was Michael Tan’s cousin. He was jealous of Michael’s climb to success and they have family issues among relatives.

What Are The Benefits Of Hack MEGA888?

According to many hackers, there are various benefits to hacking MEGA888. Here are some of them:

Firstly, you can hack MEGA888 and it lets you see hidden treasures and objects on the screen. Besides, these treasures will not show out to normal gamers.

Secondly, it lets you jump levels in the games that you choose to play.

Thirdly, you can play the game numerous times but the game count remains the same.

Lastly, lets you get the jackpot round more than once. 

So, through all these benefits, you will be on a winning streak and getting great payouts.

Time To Put A Stop To All These Hacks

MEGA888 started realizing that many were using illegal scams to hack MEGA888. Therefore, they had a strict vigilant team to monitor all these gamers who were having a special trend in making great winnings in some games.

Some of these winnings were true for honest gamers but for those caught using illegal software to break and hack were put on a ban to download MEGA888 Original.

Due to this hacking, a lot of damages like affecting game balances took place. The gamer would play the same game over and over again and the game balances fell deeply not allowing others to win. Moreover, this was very unfair to many loyal gamers. And its reputation was at stake.

Thus, MEGA888 took stringent action against these unlawful gamers. They let the proper authorities know and had to pay a fine and even jail. Gamers keep forgetting that this APK is an authorized and licensed dealer as the founder is a Malaysian.

In A Nutshell

Please do not hack and end up being caught. Play the right way and win. MEGA888 itself gives a lot of tips and tricks to win in the games. Also, learn the strategies behind playing the games and play with confidence. So what is right and legal.

Learn more: Learn more about Download MEGA888 Hack.

Hack MEGA888 Angpao

An Angpao is a red packet gift with money inside. Red is a symbol of luck and prosperity. They are a token of good wishes during the festive seasons. Now, this tradition is for all regular gamers in random as MEGA888 Angpao by MEGA888 online casino.

Moreover, this has become the talk of the town. And many are curious about ways of increasing their chances of getting this MEGA888 Angpao. So, many gamers are hunting high and low for a way to Hack MEGA888 Angpao.

You Must Realize You Cannot Hack MEGA888 Angpao

Regular play, patience, and luck are the main things that drive many to get MEGA888 Angpao. But, this is a special bonus given at random to regular gamers who download MEGA888 Original.

Furthermore, there is no specific set of rules on how to qualify for MEAG888 Angpao. Since these bonuses are randomly generated by online casinos.

So, there is no way to Hack MEGA888 Angpao. However, statistics do show that several gamers have had the good fortune of receiving MEGA888 Angpao more than once.

Heard of the scheme to Hack  Angpao?

If there are people who love MEGA888, surely there will be haters too. Rumors say that Michael’s cousin is the one who created the hack for MEGA888. This is due to jealousy and some family issues. Also, rumors say that the cousin did not stop there.

Furthermore, he went on to find the Hack MEGA888 Angpao. How much of this is true or not, we would not know but it looks convincing.

Tips for Increasing Chances of Getting MEGA888 Angpao Bonus More Easily

Firstly, play only One Slot Machine Title Religiously. Many gamers feel that by playing different slot games, their chances of getting the Angpao increases.

This perception is not true. The best way to increase one’s chance of winning the MEGA888 Angpao is to play regularly at the online casino with the same slot game. Mainly because at any time, luck might strike upon you.

Secondly, download the MEGA888 original. Then, play regularly. It will allow gamers to view the latest flash tips. Such tips are worth nothing because the official platform monitors which slot machine games have already released the Angpao and which ones haven’t.

A Word Of Advice

Luck comes and goes and no one can predict when you would get it. But, one thing that is under your control about luck is that you must regularly play MEGA888 to get the MEGA888 Angpao.

Do not let this become an obsession and let it take over your life. Always be in control and remain calm and cool. Enjoy the games and feel relaxed. If you strike the MEGA888 Angpao then luck is on your side. If you did not, then just wait patiently as lady luck will surely knock on your door one day.

Patience is worth a million. Don’t fall prey to scammers in getting the Hack MEGA888 Angpao. There will be a price to pay to buy it. Also, you will pay a hefty price if you are in the wrong. MEGA888 is very hard on gamers who hack.

Play MEGA888 the right and correct way by learning about the strategies for winning in the games. If you are righteous no one can topple you.

Learn more: Learn more about MEGA888 Angpao.

Michael Tan - The Founder Of MEGA888 Malaysia

MEGA888 Founder

MEGA888 is the hottest mobile slot in Malaysia and Asia currently. Some say that its popularity is because the founder is a Malaysian. Thus, they feel safe and secure to play the games at MEGA888 as it is a homegrown product.

Besides, others feel that being a Malaysian-made product there is a lot of trust and the fear of being cheated by scammers is not there. So, now we know that MEGA888 Founder is Malaysian but not many people know about this unsung story. 

So, let’s see who is the hero of this unsung story and what was the success behind MEGA888.

The Unsung Hero

The hero behind MEGA888’s appearance in the casino gaming arena is Michael Tan. Michael was born in Taiping Perak,  in West Malaysia. Being born as the eldest in a big Chinese family, made Michael a very responsible and filial son.

His parents had a grocery shop that gave them income to make ends meet. So, they were just an average middle-class family. Michael, from a young age, took on the responsibility to educate himself and his siblings. Furthermore, he would go to work in a bakery store after school daily and used that money to pay for tuition fees for himself and his siblings.

On weekends, he would work in his parents’ grocery store. Thus, was Michael’s early childhood days.

The Journey Starts

Michael loved the IT course and excelled in it. All his college professors liked his sincerity and dedication. Upon graduating, Michael found a job with an IT development company that created video games. This job was like a godsend for him. Here too Michael excelled and showed his prowess and tenacity. His bosses were extremely pleased with his work and rewarded him handsomely.

At the back of Michael’s mind, there was a burning desire to start a company of his making video games. Therefore, he jumped into this venture and so arose MT Venture Sdn Bhd. He had a team of 10 dedicated people and MT ventures started to shine.

The Rise To Fame And Glory For MEGA888

Michael and his team produced very exciting and awesome video games that people of all ages liked. During this period Michael was also an online casino gamer too. He was an agent too for an online casino. This put an idea in his mind and so MEGA888 online casino came into play.

Moreover, Michael wanted to give things that no other online casinos did. First, was a great game experience. The second was the variety of dolt, table, and arcade games. The third was more bonuses and jackpots. The fourth was great winnings for even a simple game. The fifth was an easy payout. Lastly, was the best customer support 24 /7.

Besides, through achieving all these the MEGA888 Founder struck fame, fortune, and stardom. He is a billionaire now but he is not stopping there.

Find out how Covid-19 impact MEGA888 online casino.

Find out how MCO 2.0 impact MEGA888 original users.

What Is Next The MEGA888 Founder Has In Mind?

Michael understands the value of money and knows that it can run out easily. So, his next project was Joker13.

Moreover, this too proved to be very successful and liked by many. One thing about MEGA888 is that it always wants to give back to the community. Maybe it is Michael’s way of paying it forward.

He knows many people are suffering during this pandemic period and that’s why MEGA888 is giving out so many MEGA888 Angpao and jackpots during festive seasons.

What Message Does MEGA888 Founder’s Story Tell?

This an inspiring story of a small hometown boy who grew to fame and fortune due to his hard work, dedication, and sincerity. It clearly shows that hard work always pays. Since Michael is giving back to the community, it shows his kind heart and caring nature.

Will Michael stop here? I don’t think so. There is a burning desire in him to win all the time. In this era, you have to work till time allows you. So, it means that play at MEGA888 online casino but do it healthily and for relaxation.

Don’t let greed overcome you and spoil everything. Know when to stop and what you have won keep saving it for your needs. Michael is truly an inspiration for all Malaysians.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Download MEGA888 Original

I think you already know that the founder of MEGA888 original is Malaysian. But do you know why you can only download the MEGA888 original instead of other versions? Let’s find out.

1. Original Are Always The Best

For example, today you want to buy an Apple phone. If conditions permit, which one would you choose for, original or pirated? There is no doubt, you will choose the original, right? MEGA888 is free to download, so why don’t you download the original version?

2. MEGA888 Original Has Higher Winning Rate

The original MEGA888 has better odds and algorithms than the pirated version. Therefore, the win rate of the original MEGA888 is fair and higher than the pirate’s version.

3. Professional Customer Service

No matter you encounter problems at any time, MEGA888 Original has professional customer service online to help you solve them. Instead, you can only rely on yourself if you encounter problems with the pirate’s version.

4. Protect Players’ Personal Information From Leaking

The Malaysian Online Casino Association (MOCA) strictly prohibits MEGA888 from leaking players’ personal information to third parties. If they are found to inadvertently or deliberately disclose player information. (MOCA) will take legal action against the agent.

5. Provide Free Credit And Angpao

This is probably the most important reason to download MEGA888 Original. MEGA888 will not be stingy with loyal players. They will give out free credit and Angpao to players every week. In the coming Christmas and New Year, the free credit of MEGA888 will be given up to RM100,0000.

Although it seems common for many reasons. But there are many benefits if you download MEGA888 Original. Hurry up and get your APK here now!

MEGA888 Test ID

Origin Of MEGA888 Test ID

Before we delve further into the MEGA888 TEST ID, we need to know something about MEGA888 first. MEGA888 is a new online casino gaming platform backed by the Malaysian government. It started its full operation in 2018 and just in 2 years has gamed fame and popularity among Malaysians and Asians. The main reasons are its high audio and visual gameplay and having all the games that most games know and want.

Thus, to attract many gamers to MEGA888’s website, they are giving out the MEGA888 TEST ID to test run all the games in MEGA888 online casino. With this TEST ID, the players get to test run most of the games in the application and enjoy the awesome game-play and graphics. By doing so, the players get to learn the art of strategizing in the games before embarking on their gaming journey.

Who Is The Author Of The MEGA888 Test ID?

To know about the author of MEGA888 Test ID, you need to know about the founder of MEGA888. It is none other than the billionaire Michael Tan. He came from average family background and through his hard work, dedication and passion started MEGA888 online casino.

Michael started his career as an IT developer creating video games. His interest and passion for gaming took him far and brought him to the level of a billionaire. He knew what type of casino games would attract online casino gamers as he was an avid casino goer and casino agent. Michael also must have foreseen that many gamers would have fear in playing the slot, table, and arcade games in MEGA888 and thus came up with the MEGA888 Test ID.

MEGA888 Test ID
Where Can I Get The MEGA888 Test ID?

Everyone has this question in the back of their mind all the time. You can get this MEGA888 Test ID from the customer support team of the MEGA888 Online Casino. The customer support team will be most glad to issue the Test ID account after registration. After registering, you can request the Test ID. Besides, the best thing is that it is free of charge and there is no deposit at all.

Do You Think If The MEGA888 Test ID Is Safe?

Definitely 100% it is safe. MEGA888 Test ID has been labeled as one of the safest in Malaysia and Asia. Furthermore, its high and tight security with solid firewall protection will stop any hacker or malicious virus from attacking your mobile devices. Thus, you can test play most of the games safely using the MEGA888 Test ID.

Can You Make Money With The MEGA888 Test ID?

100 % NO! You cannot see any profits with the MEGA888 Test ID. Just as the name implies Test ID. It is for you to test run on the games. This will satisfy your anxiety and curiosity about playing MEGA888 online Casino games. What profits you will gain from the MEGA888 Test ID is the confidence to play all the games and the strategy of placing the right bets on the right games.

Is The MEGA888 Test ID Hackable To Make Money?

Unfortunately, it is not hackable to make money. Some gamers have tried their hand at hacking into the MEGA888 Test ID account to cash out real money but only to fail. The company has spent thousands of dollars to upgrade the security system.

Hence most of the hacking software has failed to work on this MEGA888 Test ID account. All these hacking software online are not trustable. The hacking software may corrupt your data in the mobile device and thus cause data loss in your account.

Can The MEGA888 Test ID Run On Android And iOS Devices?

YES! The MEGA888 Test ID works perfectly well on both Android and Apple iOS mobile devices. Currently, everyone has an Android and an Apple device. Therefore, the MEGA888 Test ID has been created with everyone in mind.

MEGA888 Test ID Vs. MEGA888 Free Credit

Many online casino gamers have this question in their mind at all times. Are the MEGA888 Test ID and the MEGA888 free credit the same? MEGA888 Test ID is available for all gamers upon request only. The MEGA888 Test ID comes along with some free credits to play.

But whatever you win through this MEGA888 Test ID and the free credits cannot be withdrawn by the gamer. Whereas, MEGA888 free credit is given to gamers in many ways like welcome bonuses, birthday bonuses, top-up bonuses, and referral bonuses. You can use the MEGA888 free credit to play and if you win, the money is yours to keep.

Will the users of MEGA888 Original Increase During MCO 2.0?

Well, to be truthful here in MCO 1.0 in Malaysia, users of MEGA888 original increased tremendously as many were stuck at home over 3 months. The people have nothing to do and once they knew about the MEGA888 original, they just flocked to register as a member and get the test id.

Well, MCO 2.0 is not going to be any much different. Many are more prepared for it and many are already MEGA888 online casino members holding the MEGA888 Test ID. With pay cuts and no overtime, these gamers are sure to use the MEGA888 Test ID to test play all those games that they have never played before.

Test Run With The Test ID

Feel like trying MEGA888 Test ID but afraid that you might end up with a mishap? Not sure if the MEGA888 Test ID is reliable as proclaimed? Well, do not fret. The MEGA888 Test ID is 100% safe as vouched by the MEGA888 Online Casino.

The MEGA888 Test ID helps you in analyzing the games in MEGA888 Casino. No one is willing to let you try out the casino games first before plunging into them. This assurance is only from MEGA888 to all its players.

Read more: Read more about how Covid-19 impacts MEGA888 Test ID.