Baccarat Tips – Baccarat Tips You Can’t-Miss In 2021 | By Joker13

Whichever game an online casino gamer chooses to play, the first thing they search for is how to win in the game and Baccarat is no exception. We are now going to take a look at some Baccarat Tips that will help you win in this game.

Baccarat Tips (No 1) – Understand how much each card is worth

You must grasp the reasoning behind Baccarat to play and win. The rationale refers to how the winnings are determined based on the current stack of cards. The card is part of an eight-card deck with point values on each card. The point values are:

  1. Aces are worth 1 point. (Not 1 or 11.)
  2. Numbered cards are worth whatever number they have (2 through 9).
  3. Face cards (the jack, queen, and king) are worth 0.
    This is extremely important to understand because it decides what happens when the cards come into play.

Baccarat Tips (No 2) – The banker’s cut is something that you should be familiar with

When you bet on the banker to win, it’s common for the casino to take a share of the action during the game. This is the house advantage, and that is how the casino makes money. Keep in mind that the bankers’ cut should be in the neighborhood of 5%. Always go for the lowest commission.

(No 3) – Understand how to manage your finances

This money-management tip will benefit you in more ways than you might think. It’s important to collect your winnings and walk away when you’re still in the lead. It’s alluring to keep playing, but no matter how small the house advantage is, it will finally catch up to you and drag you down.

When you have a few winnings, you must learn to control the roller-coaster emotions that make you feel invincible. Walk away before the house seizes your belongings and throws you to the ground. In every Baccarat money management strategy, don’t forget to account for the banker’s bet commission.

Baccarat Tips (No 4) – In an online game, understand the Baccarat Bonuses

If the online casino is offering free credits as a bonus, take advantage of it because it is risk-free money. You can use these incentives when playing baccarat online without putting your money at risk. This gives you a leg up on the competition and allows you to beat baccarat easily and safely.

Baccarat Tips (No 5) – Baccarat is fully in the hands of Lady Luck

Remember that no matter how good your winning baccarat scheme is, lady luck plays a role. Anyone who makes living playing baccarat will attest to this. Lady luck plays a part in Baccarat, no matter what, and no Baccarat strategy can overcome her impact.

If after a few games you find that it isn’t working for you, walk away and come back later. Trust your instincts, particularly if you’re a seasoned Baccarat player. Your subconscious mind is telling you that lady luck isn’t on your side today, and that betting again is pointless.

Baccarat Tips (No 6) – Understand how to cope with your feelings

Allowing your emotions to spiral out of control is never a good idea, but it happens all too often. One of the most important factors is that seeing certain numbers add up in the ‘winnings’ column causes you to lose focus and perspective. After a major victory, stay sober and refocus. Allow the excitement to subside, and if necessary, take a break from playing.

Baccarat Tips (No 7) – To win at baccarat, you need to know which online casino to register with

This is the strongest and most relevant of all the suggestions above. Knowing how to play Baccarat is one thing, but joining a reputable online casino is essential. You can win, but if the online casino cheats or deceives you in any way, you have no one to blame but yourself.

You’ve been left trapped, and your efforts have been futile. You can’t even report these online casino games to the authorities because you’re playing at your own risk. You can complain about casino forums and have the casino placed on a blacklist, but it will not refund your winnings. You can go to court, but this will come at an additional cost to you.

JOKER13 Is The Online Casino In Malaysia

Michael Tan, the owner of MEGA888 online casino, is the brains behind JOKER13. He began by launching MEGA888, and after its success, he moved on to JOKER13. Michael Tan opened JOKER13 in Cambodia after Malaysia refused to grant him the privilege of becoming Malaysia’s completely legal casino like Genting Highland.

JOKER13 is an online casino that offers all of the famous casino games that any player desires. Baccarat is one of the many games available. Even though Baccarat is an online game, it is still played traditionally. There are attractive live dealers with whom you can connect and position your bets. There is no loss of the feeling that comes with visiting a real-life casino.

Joker13 Promotions

At JOKER13 there are a variety of Baccarat promotions being given to attract and entice players into playing this game. Some of these promotions are :

1- Weekly baccarat rebate
2- Daily 5% baccarat cashback

Besides the promotions, there are also other facilities at JOKER13 like:

1. Deposit and withdrawal are easily breezy.

Depositing money to play Baccarat at JOKER13 is easy. Much of this is under the care of the customer service team, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. JOKER13 has links to several local banks, making depositing money a breeze. The support staff will assist you in accomplishing this. After winning a game of Baccarat, the player would almost certainly consider withdrawing his or her winnings. The support staff is also in charge of this. The money is transferrable to the player’s local bank account after a few easy steps of verification.

2. Customer service of the highest caliber

The customer support team consists of a group of well-trained professionals who can respond to all customer questions and concerns. Since they have a minimum of 6 years of experience with the business, the majority of them are extremely trustworthy and dependable. Recruits must have some work experience, and if they don’t, the seniors will give on-the-job training to them.

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Online Casino Malaysia – How MCO 3.0 Impact Online Casino Business

From the beginning, Online Casino Malaysia has been at the forefront of the casino gaming industry. The casino has no physical presence in Malaysia, but it has amassed a sizable following of Malaysian and international players. When you said Online Casino Malaysia a decade ago, several names came to mind for online casino players. However, nowadays, when we talk about Online Casino Malaysia, gamers immediately think of MEGA888 and JOKER13. Since Michael Tan brought them to the public’s attention, these two casinos have become the talk of Malaysia. Both are online casinos, so they have a wide range of games and promotions.

Best Live Game To Play In Online Casino Malaysia

Best Live Game To Play In Online Casino 2021
Best Live Game To Play In Online Casino 2021

Baccarat is an age-old casino table card game that has been played in many countries for many years. It is playable with two hands, the “player” and the “banker.” The term “banker” does not refer to the casino. The gamer has the option of playing as either the “player” or the “banker.” Each round of baccarat play has three potential outcomes: the “player” wins, the “banker” wins, or the game ends in a “tie.”


Roulette is a casino game whose name comes from the French word “roulette,” which means “little wheel.” Players can wager on a single number, several groups of numbers, the colors red or black, whether the number is odd or even, or whether the numbers are high (19–36) or low (1–18) in the game.


Blackjack is a card game in which the player competes against the dealer. It’s a board game that is playable with one or more decks of cards. Face cards are eight, and aces are either eleven or one (in our game it will show on the counter as an 11 unless you are over 21). A natural or “blackjack” occurs when a player’s first two cards are an ace and a “ten-card” (a picture card or 10) for a total of 21 in two cards. If any player has a natural but the dealer does not, the dealer pays the player one and a half times their bet right away.

Best Online Casino Malaysia 2021

Top of the list under the Online Casino Malaysia is JOKER13. JOKER13 is the 2nd brainchild of Michael Tan, the CEO, and founder of MEGA888 online casino. His main idea was to make JOKER13 a one-stop casino entertainment hub and he did it too.

JOKER13 is now one of the top online casino platforms available in Malaysia with a high profile that sings accountability, reliability, and trustworthiness. So, it means that JOKER13 is under MEGA888 HQ. More than 100 Slot games and all of the JOKER13 games are playable on the website. There is no necessity to download on mobile devices. This means that the games are very mobile responsive. There are more than 150,000 players currently and with 7 years of experience, JOKER13 is waiting to give the utmost service it can. Let us take a look at what JOKER13 has to offer.

Great Promotions

JOKER13 offers great bonuses as promotions to bring in gamers to their website. These bonuses become yours during registration. Some of the bonuses are Joker’s Choice 100%, Harley Quinn’s Pick 50%, Suicide Squad’s 20%, 3% HAHAHA, Batman’s Midnight, The Lucky 13, Baccarat Kill Streak Challenge, Guess What?, Why So Serious Cash Rebate, daily 5% cashback and weekly rebate.

Some Member Benefits

Joining JOKER13 comes with many member benefits. These benefits make the new gamers feel very welcome and comfortable. Some of the benefits are easy registration with no complications, easy hassle-free payouts upon winning in a jiffy after some verification, many levels of tight security and safety to safeguard all vital information from scammers, and exceptional customer support 24 by 7 to help solve all issues.

Games From JOKER13

JOKER13 draws and attracts gamers to its website with its awesome games. So, JOKER13 provides various games to please all gamers, whether new or seasoned. The general categories of games in JOKER13 are Live Casino, Sports, E-Sports, Slots, Poker, Fishing, and Lottery. Each category draws gamers and only those who play all these games can vouch for this. But, Slot games are the most popular in any casino and JOKER13 is no exception.

How MCO 3.0 will impact the online casino Malaysia business?

MCO 3.0 is here and most Malaysians have become adapted to it. The first lockdown came as a surprise to the whole of Malaysia but MCO 2.0 and 3.0 have become a part of life. But, the performance of online casino Malaysia will plummet down drastically as gamers do not have the extra money to gamble. Many are working from home with no overtime, pay cuts, and even terminations. Malaysians are thankful to the government that they are getting the RM 300 prihatin package to help them tide over this period. This might not be a big help but it helps those who need it badly.

Is There Any Free Credit During Raya 2021?

There are going to be free credits for this Raya period for Malaysians. Online casino Malaysia is giving free RM 44 and a 100% welcome bonus for Malay customers who join and sign up during this period. The main purpose in doing this is to give all the Malays a good chance of making big money and to celebrate Raya with their loved ones happy. In fact, during the MCO 1.0, many Malays had won huge amounts of money in the jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao. This coverage was all over the newspapers and the internet.

Why We Should Support Online Casino Malaysia Instead Of Landed Casino?

Firstly, we should support Online Casino Malaysia is because it is an online casino and there is no physical appearance in Malaysia. That means to say that gamers will not meet in a place to gamble and have no physical contact with each other. This will reduce the spread of the covid-19 virus and keep it under control.

Secondly, is the safety you get. No necessity to fear robbery after coming out of the casino after making a big win. All transactions are online and the winning is directly put in your local bank account.

Thirdly, is convenience. No need to dress up, get ready and travel to a far distance to play the casino games you desire. Just stay at a place you like and enjoy all the games with ease.

Lastly, there will be no tax from the government. What you win is yours and yours only to keep.


About Baccarat (CARD GAME) | By Joker13

Baccarat is a game that is enjoyed by both beginners and seasoned online casino gamers all over the world. Those were the days when people had to travel to a land-based casino to try their hands in a game of baccarat or two. But now the same exciting game is available online and it gives the same thrills and spills that you get from a real casino. Perhaps you would like to try your luck at baccarat but aren’t very sure how to start.

Well, you have come to the right place. Sit tight and read this article till the end. You will learn some important tips, tricks, and strategies for playing baccarat. When these tips and tricks are applied to this very enjoyable game, they lead you to the road of success and you end up making a huge windfall. So, without further ado, here are some baccarat tips and tricks to help you win more money!

Knowing About Baccarat

How To Win In Baccarat?
How To Win In Baccarat?

Baccarat is unquestionably the best game for new online casino gamers. Baccarat games, in general, do not require e any talent. The game aims to get as close to nine as possible using only two cards dealt with the player and the dealer (also known as the banker). Tens and face cards have zero values and cards 2-9 take to their cards face value. If the value of the first two cards taken exceeds nine, 10 goes away from the total.

On the other hand, nine is the highest hand you can have in baccarat and this is known as natural. The second highest hand is 8, also known as natural 8. Say a hand-drawn to a player is 5 and 8 because the number of cards is 13, the value of the hand is 3. It is unlikely to go “bust” in baccarat, as the dealer must make a decision based on the card’s results and a set of predetermined laws.

Types Of Bets

Now that you have a basic understanding of how to play baccarat, you can focus on bets and how to develop your baccarat strategy. Baccarat uses three types of bets:

Banker Bets

The house edge on banker bets is 1.06%. Players must pay a 5% commission to the banker on each winning bet.
Player Bet: The house edge on the player bet is 1.06% (this has the same chance as the banker’s bet because the commission goes to the dealer).

Tie Bets

The house edge on tie bets is 14.36%. This bet is not advisable despite high payments for players, because the chances of winning are very low.

Pros and Cons Of Playing Table Game

  1. Baccarat is a simple game to pick up. It’s a simple gambling game that is easily understandable in a matter of minutes. Each of your cards is worth something. The goal of the game is to get as close to the number 9 as possible. 
  2. Baccarat has a very low casino edge. What does that mean? It means that your money can get you a lot further than it would do in other games. This means that you can play longer and have more opportunities to win. Since the casino edge is so tiny, you can lose less money per hand over time. Baccarat is a simple and enjoyable game for those on a tight budget or looking for a chance to win some cash. 
  3. You will get a lot of benefits if you play online Baccarat. Many casinos would reward you with money simply for visiting their website. This is in a deposit bonus form, and it might be a way for you to get rich for free. Do remember to take advantage of your incentives. 
  4. Although it is an online game, there are many attractive dealers with whom you can converse and interact while playing. As if you were in a real casino.
  1. The absence of a genuine casino environment. This game is more enjoyable in a group environment. Baccarat might not be as enjoyable for certain people when played online. 
  2. This game can involve higher wagering depending on the type of bonus you get. It’s best to be aware of the limitations and to play within them. Make certain you play the game and have a good time. There is no need for you to lose a lot of money. 
  3. Baccarat is a game of pure luck with no expertise involved. Although the casino’s edge in the game is small and many of the wagers are high, Baccarat revenues can fluctuate dramatically as compared to other sports, sometimes plummeting one month and soaring the next.

Know Which Online Casino To Join To Win In Baccarat

As a player, knowing how to play Baccarat is one thing but joining a trusted online casino is a real must. You may win and in the end, the online casino cheats or deceives you in some way, you have no one to complain to. You are left stranded and all efforts lost. You cannot even go to the police as you playing these online casino games at your own risk. You can complain about casino forums and get the casino on the blacklist but it is not going to give you your winnings back. You can go to court but all this is going to incur extra cost for you.

At the present moment, Joker13 is the most trusted online casino for Baccarat. Its owner is none other than Michael Tan, the proud founder of MEGA888 online casino. Joker13 comes with a wealth of games to keep every gamer happy. Not only games but it excels in various things like signing up and registering, depositing and withdrawal of money, 24 by 7 exceptional customer support, and above all TRUST. Playing Baccarat at Joker13 is a breeze and the maximum withdrawals can be up to $1 million a day. This surely makes many gamers’ hearts jump and miss a beat.

Simply contact the Joker13 support team, and registration will take just a few minutes. The customer service team will assist you before you are ready to begin playing the games. The support team gives very well advice on which games to play. There is a 100 percent free credit bonus as a welcome bonus, which will help you to start playing Baccarat. Baccarat has a range of glamorous casino dealers to interact with, making it more pleasurable and appealing. What more can you ask for?

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MEGA888 Download iOS – The Advantages And Disadvantages Of MEGA888 iOS

When MEGA888 online casino came out with their installers for smartphones, they made MEGA888 Download iOS and MEGA888 Download APK. MEGA888 Download iOS was for all Apple mobile devices like iPhone and iPads whereas MEGA888 Download APK was for Android devices like smartphones and tablets. Each installer sings its accolades but our main focus today will be on the MEGA888 Download iOS. Why you may ask? Well, if you see all the youngsters nowadays, they prefer an Apple device compared to an Android device. It adds status and glamour to their lifestyle when people see them with an Apple device. We shall start with some advantages and disadvantages of Apple devices and how MEGA888 Download iOS reacts after installation.

Advantages of MEGA888 Download iOS

Ease of use

iOS devices come with a simple interface that helps their users to use the mobile device easily. Thus, once MEGA888 Download iOS gets installed, the user finds it easy to access and use. Even if the user upgrades to the latest version of the device they will not feel any major change in the user interface.

Heat generation

Apple iPhone generates less heat while you are using the phone. The apps in iPhone use the battery more efficiently and thus generates less heat. So, downloading MEGA888 Download iOS and playing the games in it is a breeze. No overheating problem or device doing an auto shut down.


iPhone users have great experience in playing games. After the installation of MEGA888 Download iOS, the user experiences sheer pleasure in playing the games as they seem surreal.


The overall performance of iOS is good. Whether you are playing games downloaded from MEGA888 Download iOS, your device will not hang. Newer iOS versions are getting better than before and their performance is improving drastically.


As you install MEGA888 Download iOS on the Apple devices, you have to go through a strict approval process as only apps with better security get approval. There are very fewer chances that your phone gets any virus or malicious code inserted.

Supports multi-language

You have the choice to choose any language on your device. There is plenty of language support for your device. iOS currently supports 21 languages including Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese. This is great as when you install MEGA888 Download iOS, you do not have to worry about the language that you wish to use.


Jail-breaking is the process by which you can install apps on your iPhone without authorizing apps from the Apple app store. You can customize your iPhone by doing jail-breaking when installing MEGA888 Download iOS as it is third-party software.

Supports 5G

5G is the 5th generation mobile network. It is a new global wireless network that enables to connect virtually everyone and everything including machines, objects, and devices.

Lighter than Android phones

Many users love playing games on Apple devices after installing the MEGA888 Download iOS is because the device is light and easy to carry around. Do not tire your hands when you are heavily engaged in playing the games in MEGA888.

Disadvantages of MEGA888 Download iOS

No high refresh rate screen

Apple devices refresh rate screen is not high enough to support the games after installing MEGA888 Download iOS. The content remains static for some time before refreshing and this can be frustrating for the gamer who is immersed in playing a game in MEGA888.


Apple devices are expensive compared to Android. So, if there are some wear and tear, it is going to cost a hefty sum to repair.

Much more complicated to downloading the MEGA888 ios version (double verification)

This is something all Apple device owners have complained about. Even the support team from MEGA888 is unable to assist with this as it is a device problem. It takes days to troubleshoot this problem after installing the MEGA888 iOS.

Frequent maintenance

Another major boo-boo for users to experience. Apple devices go through numerous updates frequently. This causes agitation to gamers who are heavily involved in playing the games after installing MEGA888 Download iOS.

Best Online Casino To Download MEGA888 – Joker13

We have looked at all the pros and cons of MEGA888 iOS. It is time to see where we can get this installer from. The best place to get this installer as of date is from Joker13. Joker13 is the official MEGA888 HQ online casino. It provides a multitude of games to suit young and seasoned casino gamers.

The games come in a variety of something old and something new. Whatever it is the gaming experience is enough to please everyone. Joker13 also gives out a great variety of promotions to new and existing gamers. Some of these promotions are a 50% welcome bonus for new joiners, a top-up bonus, and a 5% daily cashback bonus. With all these freebies, gamers are kept happy at all times.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started in Malaysia, we had many lockdowns. So many took to downloading MEGA888 iOS and MEGA888 Download APK on their mobile devices.

Tips to play MEGA888 During MCO (Movement Control Order)

1. Download MEGA888 iOS from Joker13

Ensure that you download the MEGA888 iOS from Joker13. This is the most trusted website at the present moment in Malaysia. Get in touch with the support team and they will guide you through. They will assist you until you are ready to play the games on your own, At times the support team does give good advice on which game to play to make a sure win. They can do so as they deal with thousands of customers weekly.

2. Deposit and claim 50% WELCOME BONUS

The support team would register and sign you up. Upon registration, if you do your first deposit, you would get 50% WELCOME BONUS from Joker13. Claim this bonus as it would come in handy when you play your games.

3. Avoid peaked hours (8 pm -10 pm)

Avoid playing during the peak period of 8 pm to 10 pm. As there might be many players at that time, the chances of you winning is very slim. Plus the winning amount is also reduced due to the high volume of winning. Play during midnight as this is the best time as most players would have gone to sleep and you get a bigger slice of the pie from Joker13.

4. Use MEGA888 TEST ID to practice

For those who are new or even for the seasoned player who has not played all the games. Get the MEGA888 TEST ID from the support team. This TEST ID enables you to test play most of the games and allows you to learn the strategies behind playing these games. The only drawback is that the winnings through this TEST ID cannot be withdrawn.


Download MEGA888 – 5 Reasons Why You Should Download MEGA888

Everyone is talking about how to Download MEGA888 on their Android or Apple mobile devices. It may sound odd but that is the plain truth. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, Google trend statistics showed that many gamers looked up how to Download MEGA888. So, there must be something that is drawing many new gamers to Download MEGA888. Lets us explore further into this.

5 Reason Why You Should Download MEGA888

5 Reasons Why You Should Download MEGA888
5 Reasons Why You Should Download MEGA888
1. The Idea Of Meeting New People
Make New Friends
Make New Friends

Covid-19 pandemic has caused many people to practice safe social distancing. It is clearly stated in the “New Normal” rules laid by the Malaysian government. Therefore, how then is this idea of meeting New People by MEGA888 feasible? Well, the founder of MEGA888, Michael Tan made it an online business. You can work from anywhere and play any games from anywhere. So, there is social distancing being practiced from the start, Plus, you can interact and play certain table games like how you would do in a live casino. The chances of meeting new people from all over Malaysia and Asia is very evident here.

2. You Will Have Fun Doing It
With All The MEGA888 Jackpot And MEGA888 Angpao, You Will Be Happy
With All The MEGA888 Jackpot And MEGA888 Angpao, You Will Be Happy

Michael Tan, the founder of MEGA888 is a strong believer in giving back to the community as he worked his way up to this fame and fortune. Therefore, he tries his level best to give back to the community, and at a bleak period like this, he has promised many things to Malaysians.

Firstly, he has made sure that the chances of winning jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao have increased. There are so many articles in the paper about Malaysians winning a huge jackpot and MEGA888 Angpao. Secondly, Michael has informed Malaysians that if they Download MEGA888, he would donate RM 100 per person to the Covid-19 foundation. This is a real act of kindness of Michael Tan to the Malaysian community that he loves.

3. Memory Booster
Stregthen Your Thinking Skills
Stregthen Your Thinking Skills

Gone are the days when people thought playing casino games was a waste of money and a waste of grey memory cells. Nowadays, all the games at MEGA888 online casino are mind-blowing and a memory booster. Besides, to play these games, you will need to practice a bit and learn the strategies behind the game. Also, this acts as a memory booster and strengthens your thinking skills. Therefore, by playing the games at MEGA888, your concentration skills get improved.

4. Decision Making
Improve Your Decision Making Skills
Improve Your Decision Making Skills

Through the games from MEGA888, a gamer learns another tactful skill. That skill is decision making. Besides, decision-making is an important skill everyone needs to have and through MEGA888 games, you can master this skill. The rightful decision made at the right time during the gameplay at MEGA888 can easily make you a winner.

5. Learning About Patience
The Power Of Patience
The Power Of Patience

To Download MEGA888 and play all the games need a lot of patience. If you are new to MEGA888, you need a lot of patience in learning how to play the games. Moreover, MEGA888 gives all gamers a MEGA888 Test ID account only upon request from the support team. With this Test ID account, the gamer can test play all the games and learn its strategies.

Where To Get This Download MEGA888?

The only place you must get this Download MEGA888 is from an authorized dealer. Joker13 is an authorized dealer for MEGA888. Joker13 is the brainchild of Michael Tan the founder. All you need to do is contact the support team at the Joker13 website and they will assist you right till the end.

Is It Safe?

Safety and security are 2 words MEGA888 is big on. Right from the time you sign up till you withdraw your money, MEGA888 employs safety and tight security. All of the gamers’ personal information and bank details are only handled by the MEGA888 official. No one can access it and steal it. If they do, they will face persecution.


Download MEGA888 today and enjoy collecting your wealth through the games. Online casino games are no more a taboo. It has become a money-making machine. At, this bleak pandemic period MEGA888 online casino is your salvation to make money by staying at home.


MEGA888 Free Credit – Ways To Claim Free Credit In 2021 | By Joker13

MEGA888 online casino being the top casino in Malaysia during this current pandemic period has been giving back to the Malaysian community in many ways. Its jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao are a show stealer and a big hit among gamers in MEGA888. But did you know that Official MEGA888 has been giving out MEGA888 Free Credit for a very long time since its existence? These MEGA888 Free Credit came in the form of welcome bonuses, birthday bonuses, regular top-up bonuses, and loyalty bonuses. Gamers have been enjoying them for a long time without realizing it. Only now it has come to light for so many gamers and many are realizing the good nature of MEGA888 online casino.

Who Is Eligible To Claim The MEGA888 Free Credit?

MEGA888 Free Credit 2021
MEGA888 Free Credit 2021

Well, to be truthful this MEGA888 Free Credit has been available for all since the start of the MEGA888 online casino. But in 2020 itself many gamers joined MEGA888 as followers due to 918Kiss being missing in action and MEGA888 bringing huge profits during the pandemic.

Therefore, now people are saying that MEGA888 Free Credit is for those who lost their jobs in this COVID-19 pandemic, and patients in quarantine. Well, it is not wrong to say so as this has helped many gamers survive during the pandemic. There are so many inspiring stories on the internet and in newspapers about Malaysians winning a great amount of money through MEGA888 games.

How To Claim Your MEGA888 Free Credit 2021?

Claiming your MEGA888 Free Credit is an easy-breezy thing and that is what Michael Tan. the founder of MEGA888 wants all gamers to experience. But there are still some processes to follow. They are:

1. Register with Joker13

Register With Top 1 Online Casino Malaysia - Joker13
Register With Top 1 Online Casino Malaysia – Joker13

Joker13 is another brainchild of Michael Tan and it is an authorized dealer for MEGA888 online casino. So registering at JOKER13 is a sure deal and no need to worry about being scammed.

2. Visit Free Credit Page Joker13 

Look for the Free Credit Page of Joker13 and get in touch with the customer support team. They are there 24 by 7 to serve and full fill all your needs and answer all queries.

3. Joker13 Customer Service Team Will Call You

Contact Customer Support Joker13 Online Casino
Contact Customer Support Joker13 Online Casino

The support team will call you to gather some basic information about you and sign you up. This takes a matter of minutes only. There is no hassle and it is fuss-free. Previously most online casinos gave long forms to fill up and sign and it usually put gamers off.

4. Now There You Have It!!

Finally, You Can Get Your MEGA888 Free credit 2021 and start playing all the great slot, table, and arcade games in MEGA888. The Free Credit 2021 empowers you to try the games without using your own money. In this way, certain confidence builds upon the game and on MEGA888 online casino. 

Frequently Asked Question About MEGA888 Free Credit 2021

MEGA888 Free Credit 2021 Frequently Asked Question
MEGA888 Free Credit 2021 Frequently Asked Question

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About MEGA888 Free Credit 2021. This FAQ serves many purposes but mainly it answers the new games’ queries and doubts. Here they are:

How Many Times Can I Claim The Free Credit?

Well s a very good question to start with. You can get up to a maximum of 2000 free credits. Therefore, each time you ask, please ask the customer support team about the available balance and the support team will advise you on the balance.

What Can You Do With The MEGA888 Free Credit 2021?

With the MEGA888 Free Credit, you can test play most of the slot, table, and arcade games in MEGA888. Some of the games are not accessible with this Free Credit because it needs an upfront deposit to play.

Is There Any Banned Game?

Yes, of course, As stated above some of the games are not accessible to gamers as they need high deposits and only then you can play the games. The consolation is that only a few games are like this. Most are there for you to try and win.

Is There Any Withdrawal Requirement?

There is an of course! You need to make a minimum of RM 100 and above to withdraw and when you withdraw from your account it must show a balance of RM 100. Therefore, to be safe, once you have made at least RM 1000, you can withdraw RM 900.

Can I Play MEGA888 During Quarantine?

Sure why not? What is there to stop you as you are not breaking any “New Normal” government rules.

Can I Withdraw KWSP And Top Up In MEGA888?

This is an individual preference. Currently, due to the pandemic, the Malaysian government has allowed Malaysians to withdraw money from their account 1 through the i-Sinar KWSP program. Therefore, if you plan to withdraw and use the money to play the games at MEGA888, be my guest. Anyway, no risk no gain.

Can I Withdraw The MEGA888 Free Credit?

You cannot withdraw the MEGA888 Free Credit given to you but you can use it to play the games at MEGA888. If you win, then that money can be withdrawn.

Can I Transfer My MEGA888 Free Credit 2021?

The Free Credit 2021 is non-transferable. That means, what is yours is for keeps. You can use it to play most of the games and learn a lot about the game.


MEGA888 Online casino is now the leading casino in Malaysia amidst the Covid19 pandemic. It has captivated the hearts of many Malaysian gamers through its great audiovisual thematic sound experience, great jackpot wins, great winnings even on small bets, and great customer support 24 by 7. What more can an online gamer ask for. But the founder of MEGA888 wants to give back to the community by helping out during this gloomy period that is affecting the whole world.

Therefore, with all the input on free credit, we think you should claim it right now and don’t think too much about it. Immediately get it and start playing for free now! What are you waiting for? The customer support team at Joker13 is eagerly awaiting you. Request the MEGA888 Free Credit 2021 and it will be yours. That’s all you have to do. Enjoy peeps


MEGA888 Casino – 5 Useful Marketing Strategies To Promote Your MEGA888 Casino

In 2020 many online casino gamers have come to love MEGA888 casino. There are many reasons for this favoritism. One group of gamers feel that MEGA888 Casino being a Malaysian brand has the pull factor for many where they can play with confidence and trust. Whereas another group of gamers feels that their awesome audiovisual games, great jackpots, great winnings, and easy payouts draw even more to MEGA888.

Whatever the reasons may be, the founder Michael Tan must have put to use great marketing strategies to boost and promote MEGA888. If he did not do so, it would not have been able to reach such ultimate success in just a few years in the online gaming arena.

To be exact, there are 5 strong marketing strategies put to use in promoting online casino. Let us look at each of them in detail.

Create A Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile Responsive MEGA888 Casino
Mobile Responsive MEGA888 Casino

A good business needs an impressive Mobile Responsive Website to boost its image and business. That is what MEGA888 Casino has to offer all its gamers. Their website works well on both desktop and mobile platforms.

That means the MEGA888 Casino website includes all the same content and information on any device you access it on. That is to say, the site responds to the device it is being displayed on and optimizes its appearance accordingly.

With responsive design, you can make your website mobile-friendly without limiting the information your mobile visitors can access. This mobile responsive website makes information easier for people to find.

Create A Blog Post Section On The Website

Write A Informative Blog
Write A Informative Blog

Looking at highly acclaimed websites, you will notice that it will have a blog post section. A blog post section contains articles that you write about the contents of the website. It can include content in the form of text, photos, infographics, or videos. MEGA888 Casino has such a blog post for all its gamers to thoroughly understand. Some of the things MEGA888 Casino offers are:

How To Register In MEGA888

This is something all new gamers to MEGA888 Casino needs to know. Most of these gamers rely on the support team to assist them in registering, but for some, they would like to try it by themselves. This blog post will be handy.

How To Deposit In MEGA888

Depositing money to MEGA888 casino is very crucial and gamers will always look for help in it. Being written in the blog post helps gamers revisit the steps.

How To Withdraw In MEGA888

Making withdrawals after a win is the ultimate goal of a gamer in MEGA888 casino. If this is in the blog post, gamers can easily access it.

Gambling Skills

Playing MEGA888 casino games can be tedious for many new gamers. Thus, through short videos and infographics guides, gaming skills can be part of a learning process. Gamers too love this section in the blog post as they truly want to understand the games before embarking on them.

Introduce Casino Games

Every product in MEGA888 casino needs an introduction to get familiarity. Through this blog post section, gamers are constantly being updated.

Social Media MEGA888 Casino

Social Media Platform
Social Media Platform

In this digital era, our lives revolve around social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Through social media, information gets to everyone much faster. So, many online advertisements run on these social media platforms to create awareness on MEGA888 casino. This is one of the main reasons for the MEGA888 casino’s popularity as everyone is into social media nowadays.

Affiliate Marketing MEGA888 Casino

MEGA888 Casino Affiliate Marketing
MEGA888 Casino Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

Thus, through Affiliate marketing, an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another company’s products. The affiliate simply searches for a product they enjoy, then promotes that product and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make. Also, MEGA888 casino has an affiliate program but it is known as becoming a MEGA888 agent. Through this, you get your commission and be an affiliate partner to boost MEGA888.

Create An Email Newsletter

A Perfect Email Newsletter
A Perfect Email Newsletter

Gone are the days of paper advertisements and brochures. New comes in email advertisements that are sent out regularly. The emails reach out to more people as everyone has a mobile device and read emails on the go. There is no harm to the environment by printing on paper and causing wastage and pollution.

Once you have signed up with MEGA888 casino, you will get regular emails from the support team. These emails may be on new promotions, new games, new prizes, and new surprises. Through this gamers are kept abreast with information.

Final Take On These Marketing Strategies

To survive in any business marketing strategies are most important. That is what MEGA888 casino has employed. You may find a house with no landline phones but you cannot find a single person without a smartphone. Our lives are so mobile that we want everything on the go and in our palms.

With this in mind, MEGA888 casino gives the best. First, it starts with its awesome website that draws many due to its captivating visual effects. The more mobile responsive website is the more visitors it will gather.

Secondly, having a blog post area where gamers can see and hear through audios and videos makes things easy for gamers. Reading lines and lines of text will bore anyone. Therefore, things like infographics and videos play a great part in boosting the image of MEGA888 casino.

Thirdly, social media controls our lives and the official MEGA888 knows this well. It has reached out to millions worldwide through social media platforms.

Fourth, affiliate marketing expands the casino’s business as it draws many new gamers to its website. It gives people new job opportunities. At the same time enjoy playing online casino games at MEGA888.

Lastly, is receiving updates through email. This is the most lucrative of all strategies as it is cheap and good. It reaches out to thousands with a single click of the mouse button.

Now, you can surely see the MEGA888 casino climb to success easily. If you are planning to start your own business how about using these strategies.

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MEGA888 Game – Top 10 Most Innovative MEGA888 Game Features | By Joker13

MEGA888 online casino is now the number 2 official online casino in Malaysia and Asia. Even amidst this Covid-19 pandemic period when many businesses were failing, it managed to prosper and grow. The main reasons behind this ultimate growth are that firstly MEGA888 is a Malaysian brand, secondly, it gives awesome games that captivate the hearts of many, thirdly it provides great customer service support 24 by 7, and lastly, it gives great winnings and easy payouts. Due to all these reasons, many from other online casinos joined the MEGA888 game.

Many new and seasoned online casino gamers feel that the real pull factor that MEGA888 has over other online casinos is the innovative game features. Right from the start, the founder of MEGA888 must have done a thorough research and came out with distinctive features that made gameplay at MEGA888 outstanding. There are 10 of them and we shall look at each one in detail

1. Licensed Mega888 Game

The Only Licensed Mobile Slot In Malaysia - MEGA888 Game
The Only Licensed Mobile Slot In Malaysia – MEGA888 Game

MEGA888 game is the only licensed online casino in Malaysia. The main reason being is that the founder is a Malaysian. He is none other than Michael Tan. A small-town boy from Taiping Perak who grew up and through his hard work and sincerity became a billionaire after introducing MEGA888 online casino. Being a Malaysian, Michael did not violate or break any Islamic laws when starting the MEGA888 game. Due to this many Malaysians feel safe and secure to play at MEGA888 with full confidence and trust.

2. Great Audio Sound Track

Variety Sound Track During Playing MEGA888
Variety Sound Track During Playing MEGA888

Gone are the days that we went to the cinema or games arcade to listen to awesome soundtracks being blasted from the big screens. Now you can experience this through your mobile devices while playing the game at MEGA888. The great audiovisual effects can captivate and keep you rooted for hours playing the games in MEGA888. The games are mostly thematic and it co-relates to something that you have done or seen before. Thus, it creates more interest for you.

3. Mobile Friendly

The world is always changing and to keep up with technology, we want everything to be mobile. So, MEGA888 is mobile too. You can play your MEGA888 online casino games on mobile devices like smartphones, iPads, and tablets. When you register with MEGA888, an installer link is yours which allows you to download on Android and Apple devices. So, there is no necessity to dress up and go to a real casino to play the games. You can do it in the comfort of your home in your pajamas.

4. Mega888 Game Angpao bonus

Angpao Bonus Online Casino Malaysia
Angpao Bonus Online Casino Malaysia

One main thing that draws any gamer to MEGA888 is the jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao. The jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao come randomly but regularly. There are many inspiring stories in the newspapers about Malaysians winning great jackpot prizes and MEGA888 Angpao. The MEGA888 Angpao comes only during festive seasons and many waits eagerly for it to pop up.

5. Free Credit Non-Deposit

Free Credit Non-Deposit Promotions
Free Credit Non-Deposit Promotions

To entice new gamers to join the MEGA888 game, it gives many welcome bonuses. One such bonus is the Free Credit Non-Deposit bonus. All the gamer has to do is to sign up with the MEGA888 game and they will receive free credits which can be put to use in the gameplay later. There is no necessity to deposit any money to play with the free credit unless the game you choose demands so.

6. Live Dealer

Live Dealer Mode In MEGA888 Game
Live Dealer Mode In MEGA888 Game

Many go to land casinos as they like the crowd, sight, and sound. They love to mingle with them and enjoy the excitement. But now with this pandemic and the New Normal policy, it is not possible. In MEGA888 online casino it is still possible. It has live dealer games like poker, baccarat, and so on. It still gives you the feeling that you are playing with others and you can communicate with the dealer.

7. 3D Games

3D Mobile Slot Game
3D Mobile Slot Game

All the games in MEGA888 game are 3D games. Gamers want great color, great sound, great animation, and fantastic winnings. So, all the games are 3D and this captivates the interest of many. These games can go on for hours and it is adventurous for the gamer.

8. Progressive Jackpot Mega888 Game

Progressive Jackpot Online Casino
Progressive Jackpot Online Casino

At MEGA888 game, all gamers look forward to the jackpot wins. It comes randomly but regularly. If there are no wins for the jackpot, then it becomes a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that increases each time the game is in play and no one wins the jackpot. When someone wins the progressive jackpot, the jackpot for the next play is reset to a new value and resumes increasing under the same rule.

9. Avalanche Reels

Avalanche Reels MEGA888 Game
Avalanche Reels MEGA888 Game

In the past, online slots used to be so simple. Spin the Reels, line up the pay lines, and payouts for wins were the normal practice. A new generation of social games has brought a change in slot style. Old-fashioned boring reels simply won’t work anymore. Thus came in Avalanche reels.

The Avalanche feature is a special video slot feature. The Avalanche feature becomes active with every winning, and you do not need special symbols to get it activated. The winning symbols will disappear, the space created with the disappearing symbols will fill up with symbols that fall.

This gives you bigger chances to earn higher winnings. If you get after an Avalanche, one or more winning combinations you will receive this prize as well, and the Avalanche feature will start again.

10. Mega888 Test ID

The MEGA888 test id is a gift from the official to its gamers who wish to test play most of the games in MEGA888. The Mega888 Test ID can be got from the support team of MEGA888 online casino. Along with the test, ID comes with free credits. You can use the credits to test play most of the games. Why is the MEGA888 game giving this test id? Well for only one reason. It wants to boost the confidence of Its gamers and at the same time make them not lose any money of their own. By playing the games with the test id, gamers learn a lot of tips and tricks.

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MEGA888 Test ID – Find Out How Covid-19 Impact Test ID | By Joker13

MEGA888 online casino has taken the casino world by storm only after a few years in the online casino gaming circle. Some gamers feel that MEGA888’s success is due to the dynamic marketing strategy that it employs to please young and senior gamers. Whereas, others feel that MEGA888 being a Malaysian brand is boosting the confidence of Malaysians and even Asians. So, if you are planning to join MEGA888 online casino as a new gamer, then you must ask the support team about the MEGA888 Test ID. What is this MEGA888 Test ID and what benefits does it give?

What is this MEGA888 Test ID and who is the author behind it?

Michael Tan - Author Of MEGA888 Test ID
Michael Tan – Author Of MEGA888 Test ID

MEGA888 online casino is the brainchild of Michael Tan who is a Malaysian. He spent many years working as an IT developer for video games. Furthermore, Michael had a tough life growing up and his main intention was to study hard and get a good job. As an IT developer, he let his imagination run wild and came up with awesome video games that captivated many online gamers.

Michael also had a strong passion for casino gaming and worked as an agent for an online casino. Thus, he put his vast experience as an IT developer and passion for casino gaming together and started his own company with a team of 10. Moreover, they worked hard to give what most gamers would like to see and experience in an online casino. Some of the things they gave in their games were:

  1. Awesome mind-boggling audiovisual effects that captivated the hearts of many. The gameplay was thematic to draw gamers’ interest and attention.
  2. A multitude of the slot, table, and arcade games that never made any gamer bored. There was always something for everyone to try and enjoy.
  3. Many bonuses in the form of jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao. These are the things that draw many gamers to the MEGA888 website.
  4. Easy winnings and easy payouts. Even the easiest slot games gave huge returns to gamers. The winnings were easy to be withdrawn too. There is no fuss and hassle in collecting your winnings directly to your local bank account.
  5. The new gamers always had fear of playing the games at MEGA888. So, Michael created the MEGA888 Test ID for all gamers to enjoy and use. The MEGA888 Test ID can be put to use in trying most of the games in MEGA888 online casino.
  6. A great customer support team to be always readily available 24 by 7. 

Why you should use the MEGA888 test id?

As stated above, the MEGA888 Test ID can be put to use to test most of the games in MEGA888. Many new gamers fear losing their money due to a lack of confidence in playing the games. The Test ID comes along with some free credits. Besides, these credits will be useful in testing a particular game that you like. Many say that you can learn the strategies behind the games. When you play with your own money, you can employ these strategies for a win.

Where and how to get?

You Can Get MEGA888 Test ID At Facebook, Google, and Joker13
You Can Get MEGA888 Test ID At Facebook, Google, and Joker13

The only places to get your MEGA888 Test ID is through Google, Facebook, and Joker13. Out of these 3, Joker13 is the best as it is also a brainchild of Michael Tan and an authorized dealer for MEGA888 online casino. Just approach the support team and upon registration, the Test ID is yours for trial.

Besides, the Test ID comes along with free credits. Use these free credits to your heart’s contents to test as many games that interest you. If you run out of free credits, just get more from the support team.

Advantages And Disadvantages of MEGA888 Test ID

There are more advantages than disadvantages to using the Test ID. 

The advantages are that :

  1. It is free of charge
  2. Able to test most of the games before the actual gameplay
  3. Learn a lot of tips and tricks
  4. Learn strategies behind the games for a sure win
  5. No limit in getting the free credits under the Test ID account
Is there anything to pay attention to when using the MEGA888 Test ID?
Things That You Should Know While Using Test ID
Things That You Should Know While Using Test ID

There are few pointers for you to pay attention to when using the MEGA888 Test ID. First, make sure that the Test ID is from an official dealer and site. If you do not follow this rule strictly, then you may face the risk of virus attack, loss of important information, and privacy violation. Second, do not enter MEGA888 online casino from 8 to 12 as you will have a very poor gaming experience as there will be too many players.

Has COVID-19 caused any IMPACT on MEGA888 Test ID users?

Users Of MEGA888 Test ID
Users Of MEGA888 Test ID

Many people hate 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic and its worldwide effects. But for MEGA888 online casino the pandemic has been a great boon than a curse. There is a sudden rise in the gamers joining MEGA888 online casinos due to the lockdowns that Malaysia had. Many had to stay at home for 3 months doing nothing. At first, it was a new and exciting experience for many. But as weeks and months went by, it became a bore. So many turned to play games at MEGA888.

Since they were new to MEGA888, they got the Test ID from the support team to test play the games. Many seem to like the MEGA888 Test ID as it gave them free credits to play most of the games. As they continue to play they learned new tips and tricks along the way. The gamers paid nothing for this free service. Day by day their confidence grew tremendously and the moment the government gave the green signal for Malaysians to withdraw their EPF through the i-Sinar scheme, many made great wins at MEGA888 online casino. All these credits go to the MEGA888 Test ID.

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MEGA888 Original APK – Is Overtaking 918KISS to Become 1st Mobile Slot In Malaysia | By Joker13

When you communicate with any MEGA888 online casino gamer, the first question they ask is that if you got the MEGA888 Original APK. Many will stop to ponder why this question is popping up. Well, in simple there are many scammers in the internet world posing as MEGA888 to scam you of your money.

Therefore, to avoid this from happening it is best to get the MEGA888 Original APK. We often read many stories on the internet and in the newspapers of many online casino gamers losing their hard-earned money to such imposters. So, arises the question of where and how to get this Original APK. Before we delve into this question we have to know about MEGA888 first.

Preface to MEGA888 online casino

MEGA888 APK Original
MEGA888 APK Original

MEGA888 online casino is fully licensed to operate in Malaysia and Asia. Many may think that Malaysia being an Islamic country forbids casinos and gambling.

So how come is MEGA888 licensed to operate in Malaysia? There are 2 reasons behind this. The first is that the founder of MEGA888 is a Malaysian from Taiping Perak.

He is none other than Michael Tan. Michael’s climb to the success story is very inspiring to others as MEGA888 arose from hard work and sweat. The second is that MEGA888 is an online casino and has no physical presence and activities in Malaysia at all. Thus, this does not break any Islamic laws and rules that may cause any moral and ethical harm to its citizens.

What does MEGA888 offer that attracts many?

Advantages Of MEGA888
Advantages Of MEGA888

MEGA888 was Michael’s brainchild. Michael being an avid online casino gamer led him to conceptualize and structure how MEGA888 should be. These are the things that he incorporated. They are:

1. Perfect video quality

The latest state of the art game structure and design that would captivate people of all ages. Moreover, the games in MEGA888 were mostly thematic and many could relate to it easily as they might have read about it or played it during their childhood.

2. Great audio and visual effects

It kept gamers rooted to their seats. The sights excited the gamers and the sounds enhanced this excitement.

3. Easy breezy registration

No one wants to spend hours just to register and then hours to play the games. Therefore, the registration only takes a matter of minutes. And soon you have the world of MEGA888 in your hands.

4. Tight security and safety

This is something all gamers look for and MEGA888 has the best firewall to stop hackers from hacking. Furthermore, all personal information is behind tight lock and key, and only top officials in MEGA888 have access to it.

5. Great winnings and bonuses

Even the simplest slot games give maximum yield for a small bet. Plus there are many jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao for grabs.

6. Easy withdrawals

Upon making your first win, you can easily withdraw the money with the help of the support team. After a small verification and upon approval the money goes to your local bank.

7. Awesome customer support 24 by 7

This pleases many gamers as they have 24 by 7 support if they run into a problem or face issues. The customer support also gives great tips on which game to play to win.

With all these factors new and seasoned gamers of all ages joined MEGA888 to get the best experience in online casino gaming.

Where and how to get the MEGA888 Original APK?

How To Download MEGA888 Original APK
How To Download MEGA888 Original APK

The only place you should get the MEGA888 Original APK is from a licensed MEGA888 dealer.

You can find them at or Joker13. The main reason behind this is that they are the only ones that give out the MEGA888 Original APK installer upon registration.

If you download the link from an unauthorized site, you risk facing a lot of damages like personal information being stolen or your deposited money vanishing. The MEGA888 Original APK is an installer that downloads all the games to your mobile device at one go. That’s why the word APK (Application Package).

Many gamers are still confused with MEGA888 Original APK and MEGA888. They are the same and there is no necessity to be in confusion.

Why is MEGA888 Original APK so popular now?

Source From - Google Trend
Source From – Google Trend

We have already laid the main reasons above for its popularity. But there seems to be another hidden reason that we have to take note of. Recently 918Kiss online casino seems to be under maintenance for many months. People who are loyal 918Kiss gamers are wondering what is causing this long hold on the maintenance.

They feel that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused 918Kiss to go bankrupt. But this is not possible as 918Kiss is an online casino just like MEGA888. During the pandemic, MEGA888 flourished. So, there must be some other reason.

Rumors says that the big boss of 918Kiss has been infected by the Covid-19 virus and is still in the hospital. His situation of recovering is not optimistic. Due to this 918Kiss staff are not working and thus the long maintenance. It looks like no one is watching over the overall operations of 918Kiss. On another note, the Malaysian government is going hard on all unauthorized online casinos. Thus the staff is scared to operate at a time like his. It is truly sad to see 918Kiss in such a dilemma.

Many 918Kiss gamers have joined MEGA888 because of its robustness and resilience. Moreover, these gamers find the games in MEGA888 quite easy to play and understand compared to 918Kiss. Plus the winnings from MEGA888 are better.


Always get the MEGA888 Original APK and install it on your mobile devices. MEGA888 has made the original iOS for Apple devices too. Therefore, there is a variety for gamers to choose from on the installers.

On the other hand, always keep a vigilant lookout for scammers as they are polluting the internet. Seek advice from the support team of MEGA888 Online casino about any problems faced. They are there to render any help they can 24 by 7.

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