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The Chinese have a tradition of giving red packets (AngPao) filled with cash during festive seasons in Malaysia. The red packet symbolizes luck and if you get it on an auspicious day, it means double luck. This is one practice that everyone loves, especially the young ones. Even the other races like the Malays and Indians also follow this tradition nowadays. Today, online casinos are also giving ANGPAO special wins and it is a great pleasure to its gamers. One such casino is the MEGA888 online casino. Since the MEGA888 founder is Chinese, this tradition trails on here too. Being termed as MEGA888 ANGPAO, it has stolen the hearts of many winners and attracting the hearts of many gamers who want to win.

Why Mobile Slot MEGA888 Can Be So Successful?

MEGA888 came into the casino limelight in 2017. Within 3 years, it has become a most sought after online casino. The main reasons for MEGA888’s speedy climb to success are the great audiovisual experience.

Furthermore, each game provides a variety of games to suit all, the great bonuses, the awesome winnings, fast payouts, and wonderful customer service support. These reasons alone are not enough to retain the gamers’ interest. Therefore, the introduction of MEGA888 ANGPAO draws the attention of many.

Mohammad Abdullah Who Won RM8777 MEGA888 Angpao
Mohammad Abdullah Who Won RM8777 MEGA888 Angpao

The Person Who Won The Highest Amount Of Angpao In MEGA888

Since the introduction of the ANGPAO, many gamers have won it. There was an article about a player named Mohammad Abdullah in June 2020.

He is an active member of  MEGA888 and to his surprise won the ANGPAO. The maximum amount a person wins ANGPAO is RM 8777. This is a substantial amount for something free.

A few unhappy gamers have made claims that this ANGPAO is bogus. And is controlled by the agents from the online casinos. They claim that they play as and when they can but yet to get the MEGA888 ANGPAO.

Thus, they are so disheartened and feel cheated. So, arises the question, “Is MEGA888 Ang Pow controlled?”

Well, the answer is No. The ANGPAO is under no one’s control. Besides, the system randomly distributes the ANGPAO to its active players who play frequently. It’s a form of bonus win for gamers who play their favorite games. No agent has the power to control this ANGPAO.

How To Get ANGPAO In Mobile Slot Game

How Does The Gamer Get A MEGA888 Angpao?

Sticking to one slot game title while playing regularly helps in winning the ANGPAO. Although some gamers think that by playing different games, they might just get to pick one that will generate the ANGPAO for them.

Well, there is always a chance of hitting an ANGPAO with any slot game. Mainly because at any time, the Random Number Generator (RNG) microchip might produce the right number combination needed to trigger an ANGPAO hit.

Yet the best way to increase one’s chance of winning an ANGPAO is to play regularly at MEGA888 with the same slot game until it yields the prize.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the RNG works toward generating the number even when the game is not in play. That being the case, the ANGPAO is ripe for grabs at any time. That is why sticking to one particular game and staying connected to it, increases one’s chances of being the lucky player who hits the winning combination triggering a MEGA888 ANGPAO release.

In A Nutshell

With all the cards laid in front of you, winning ANGPAO is not a difficult thing as what some gamers claim. Perseverance is the secret behind anything you do. So, persevere and play MEGA888 and with the ANGPAO worth RM 8777.

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