MEGA888 Download iOS – The Advantages And Disadvantages Of MEGA888 iOS

When MEGA888 online casino came out with their installers for smartphones, they made MEGA888 Download iOS and MEGA888 Download APK. MEGA888 Download iOS was for all Apple mobile devices like iPhone and iPads whereas MEGA888 Download APK was for Android devices like smartphones and tablets. Each installer sings its accolades but our main focus today will be on the MEGA888 Download iOS. Why you may ask? Well, if you see all the youngsters nowadays, they prefer an Apple device compared to an Android device. It adds status and glamour to their lifestyle when people see them with an Apple device. We shall start with some advantages and disadvantages of Apple devices and how MEGA888 Download iOS reacts after installation.

Advantages of MEGA888 Download iOS

Ease of use

iOS devices come with a simple interface that helps their users to use the mobile device easily. Thus, once MEGA888 Download iOS gets installed, the user finds it easy to access and use. Even if the user upgrades to the latest version of the device they will not feel any major change in the user interface.

Heat generation

Apple iPhone generates less heat while you are using the phone. The apps in iPhone use the battery more efficiently and thus generates less heat. So, downloading MEGA888 Download iOS and playing the games in it is a breeze. No overheating problem or device doing an auto shut down.


iPhone users have great experience in playing games. After the installation of MEGA888 Download iOS, the user experiences sheer pleasure in playing the games as they seem surreal.


The overall performance of iOS is good. Whether you are playing games downloaded from MEGA888 Download iOS, your device will not hang. Newer iOS versions are getting better than before and their performance is improving drastically.


As you install MEGA888 Download iOS on the Apple devices, you have to go through a strict approval process as only apps with better security get approval. There are very fewer chances that your phone gets any virus or malicious code inserted.

Supports multi-language

You have the choice to choose any language on your device. There is plenty of language support for your device. iOS currently supports 21 languages including Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese. This is great as when you install MEGA888 Download iOS, you do not have to worry about the language that you wish to use.


Jail-breaking is the process by which you can install apps on your iPhone without authorizing apps from the Apple app store. You can customize your iPhone by doing jail-breaking when installing MEGA888 Download iOS as it is third-party software.

Supports 5G

5G is the 5th generation mobile network. It is a new global wireless network that enables to connect virtually everyone and everything including machines, objects, and devices.

Lighter than Android phones

Many users love playing games on Apple devices after installing the MEGA888 Download iOS is because the device is light and easy to carry around. Do not tire your hands when you are heavily engaged in playing the games in MEGA888.

Disadvantages of MEGA888 Download iOS

No high refresh rate screen

Apple devices refresh rate screen is not high enough to support the games after installing MEGA888 Download iOS. The content remains static for some time before refreshing and this can be frustrating for the gamer who is immersed in playing a game in MEGA888.


Apple devices are expensive compared to Android. So, if there are some wear and tear, it is going to cost a hefty sum to repair.

Much more complicated to downloading the MEGA888 ios version (double verification)

This is something all Apple device owners have complained about. Even the support team from MEGA888 is unable to assist with this as it is a device problem. It takes days to troubleshoot this problem after installing the MEGA888 iOS.

Frequent maintenance

Another major boo-boo for users to experience. Apple devices go through numerous updates frequently. This causes agitation to gamers who are heavily involved in playing the games after installing MEGA888 Download iOS.

Best Online Casino To Download MEGA888 – Joker13

We have looked at all the pros and cons of MEGA888 iOS. It is time to see where we can get this installer from. The best place to get this installer as of date is from Joker13. Joker13 is the official MEGA888 HQ online casino. It provides a multitude of games to suit young and seasoned casino gamers.

The games come in a variety of something old and something new. Whatever it is the gaming experience is enough to please everyone. Joker13 also gives out a great variety of promotions to new and existing gamers. Some of these promotions are a 50% welcome bonus for new joiners, a top-up bonus, and a 5% daily cashback bonus. With all these freebies, gamers are kept happy at all times.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started in Malaysia, we had many lockdowns. So many took to downloading MEGA888 iOS and MEGA888 Download APK on their mobile devices.

Tips to play MEGA888 During MCO (Movement Control Order)

1. Download MEGA888 iOS from Joker13

Ensure that you download the MEGA888 iOS from Joker13. This is the most trusted website at the present moment in Malaysia. Get in touch with the support team and they will guide you through. They will assist you until you are ready to play the games on your own, At times the support team does give good advice on which game to play to make a sure win. They can do so as they deal with thousands of customers weekly.

2. Deposit and claim 50% WELCOME BONUS

The support team would register and sign you up. Upon registration, if you do your first deposit, you would get 50% WELCOME BONUS from Joker13. Claim this bonus as it would come in handy when you play your games.

3. Avoid peaked hours (8 pm -10 pm)

Avoid playing during the peak period of 8 pm to 10 pm. As there might be many players at that time, the chances of you winning is very slim. Plus the winning amount is also reduced due to the high volume of winning. Play during midnight as this is the best time as most players would have gone to sleep and you get a bigger slice of the pie from Joker13.

4. Use MEGA888 TEST ID to practice

For those who are new or even for the seasoned player who has not played all the games. Get the MEGA888 TEST ID from the support team. This TEST ID enables you to test play most of the games and allows you to learn the strategies behind playing these games. The only drawback is that the winnings through this TEST ID cannot be withdrawn.

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