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MEGA888 online casino being the top casino in Malaysia during this current pandemic period has been giving back to the Malaysian community in many ways. Its jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao are a show stealer and a big hit among gamers in MEGA888. But did you know that Official MEGA888 has been giving out MEGA888 Free Credit for a very long time since its existence? These MEGA888 Free Credit came in the form of welcome bonuses, birthday bonuses, regular top-up bonuses, and loyalty bonuses. Gamers have been enjoying them for a long time without realizing it. Only now it has come to light for so many gamers and many are realizing the good nature of MEGA888 online casino.

Who Is Eligible To Claim The MEGA888 Free Credit?

MEGA888 Free Credit 2021
MEGA888 Free Credit 2021

Well, to be truthful this MEGA888 Free Credit has been available for all since the start of the MEGA888 online casino. But in 2020 itself many gamers joined MEGA888 as followers due to 918Kiss being missing in action and MEGA888 bringing huge profits during the pandemic.

Therefore, now people are saying that MEGA888 Free Credit is for those who lost their jobs in this COVID-19 pandemic, and patients in quarantine. Well, it is not wrong to say so as this has helped many gamers survive during the pandemic. There are so many inspiring stories on the internet and in newspapers about Malaysians winning a great amount of money through MEGA888 games.

How To Claim Your MEGA888 Free Credit 2021?

Claiming your MEGA888 Free Credit is an easy-breezy thing and that is what Michael Tan. the founder of MEGA888 wants all gamers to experience. But there are still some processes to follow. They are:

1. Register with Joker13

Register With Top 1 Online Casino Malaysia - Joker13
Register With Top 1 Online Casino Malaysia – Joker13

Joker13 is another brainchild of Michael Tan and it is an authorized dealer for MEGA888 online casino. So registering at JOKER13 is a sure deal and no need to worry about being scammed.

2. Visit Free Credit Page Joker13 

Look for the Free Credit Page of Joker13 and get in touch with the customer support team. They are there 24 by 7 to serve and full fill all your needs and answer all queries.

3. Joker13 Customer Service Team Will Call You

Contact Customer Support Joker13 Online Casino
Contact Customer Support Joker13 Online Casino

The support team will call you to gather some basic information about you and sign you up. This takes a matter of minutes only. There is no hassle and it is fuss-free. Previously most online casinos gave long forms to fill up and sign and it usually put gamers off.

4. Now There You Have It!!

Finally, You Can Get Your MEGA888 Free credit 2021 and start playing all the great slot, table, and arcade games in MEGA888. The Free Credit 2021 empowers you to try the games without using your own money. In this way, certain confidence builds upon the game and on MEGA888 online casino. 

Frequently Asked Question About MEGA888 Free Credit 2021

MEGA888 Free Credit 2021 Frequently Asked Question
MEGA888 Free Credit 2021 Frequently Asked Question

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About MEGA888 Free Credit 2021. This FAQ serves many purposes but mainly it answers the new games’ queries and doubts. Here they are:

How Many Times Can I Claim The Free Credit?

Well s a very good question to start with. You can get up to a maximum of 2000 free credits. Therefore, each time you ask, please ask the customer support team about the available balance and the support team will advise you on the balance.

What Can You Do With The MEGA888 Free Credit 2021?

With the MEGA888 Free Credit, you can test play most of the slot, table, and arcade games in MEGA888. Some of the games are not accessible with this Free Credit because it needs an upfront deposit to play.

Is There Any Banned Game?

Yes, of course, As stated above some of the games are not accessible to gamers as they need high deposits and only then you can play the games. The consolation is that only a few games are like this. Most are there for you to try and win.

Is There Any Withdrawal Requirement?

There is an of course! You need to make a minimum of RM 100 and above to withdraw and when you withdraw from your account it must show a balance of RM 100. Therefore, to be safe, once you have made at least RM 1000, you can withdraw RM 900.

Can I Play MEGA888 During Quarantine?

Sure why not? What is there to stop you as you are not breaking any “New Normal” government rules.

Can I Withdraw KWSP And Top Up In MEGA888?

This is an individual preference. Currently, due to the pandemic, the Malaysian government has allowed Malaysians to withdraw money from their account 1 through the i-Sinar KWSP program. Therefore, if you plan to withdraw and use the money to play the games at MEGA888, be my guest. Anyway, no risk no gain.

Can I Withdraw The MEGA888 Free Credit?

You cannot withdraw the MEGA888 Free Credit given to you but you can use it to play the games at MEGA888. If you win, then that money can be withdrawn.

Can I Transfer My MEGA888 Free Credit 2021?

The Free Credit 2021 is non-transferable. That means, what is yours is for keeps. You can use it to play most of the games and learn a lot about the game.


MEGA888 Online casino is now the leading casino in Malaysia amidst the Covid19 pandemic. It has captivated the hearts of many Malaysian gamers through its great audiovisual thematic sound experience, great jackpot wins, great winnings even on small bets, and great customer support 24 by 7. What more can an online gamer ask for. But the founder of MEGA888 wants to give back to the community by helping out during this gloomy period that is affecting the whole world.

Therefore, with all the input on free credit, we think you should claim it right now and don’t think too much about it. Immediately get it and start playing for free now! What are you waiting for? The customer support team at Joker13 is eagerly awaiting you. Request the MEGA888 Free Credit 2021 and it will be yours. That’s all you have to do. Enjoy peeps

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