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MEGA888 online casino is now the number 2 official online casino in Malaysia and Asia. Even amidst this Covid-19 pandemic period when many businesses were failing, it managed to prosper and grow. The main reasons behind this ultimate growth are that firstly MEGA888 is a Malaysian brand, secondly, it gives awesome games that captivate the hearts of many, thirdly it provides great customer service support 24 by 7, and lastly, it gives great winnings and easy payouts. Due to all these reasons, many from other online casinos joined the MEGA888 game.

Many new and seasoned online casino gamers feel that the real pull factor that MEGA888 has over other online casinos is the innovative game features. Right from the start, the founder of MEGA888 must have done a thorough research and came out with distinctive features that made gameplay at MEGA888 outstanding. There are 10 of them and we shall look at each one in detail

1. Licensed Mega888 Game

The Only Licensed Mobile Slot In Malaysia - MEGA888 Game
The Only Licensed Mobile Slot In Malaysia – MEGA888 Game

MEGA888 game is the only licensed online casino in Malaysia. The main reason being is that the founder is a Malaysian. He is none other than Michael Tan. A small-town boy from Taiping Perak who grew up and through his hard work and sincerity became a billionaire after introducing MEGA888 online casino. Being a Malaysian, Michael did not violate or break any Islamic laws when starting the MEGA888 game. Due to this many Malaysians feel safe and secure to play at MEGA888 with full confidence and trust.

2. Great Audio Sound Track

Variety Sound Track During Playing MEGA888
Variety Sound Track During Playing MEGA888

Gone are the days that we went to the cinema or games arcade to listen to awesome soundtracks being blasted from the big screens. Now you can experience this through your mobile devices while playing the game at MEGA888. The great audiovisual effects can captivate and keep you rooted for hours playing the games in MEGA888. The games are mostly thematic and it co-relates to something that you have done or seen before. Thus, it creates more interest for you.

3. Mobile Friendly

The world is always changing and to keep up with technology, we want everything to be mobile. So, MEGA888 is mobile too. You can play your MEGA888 online casino games on mobile devices like smartphones, iPads, and tablets. When you register with MEGA888, an installer link is yours which allows you to download on Android and Apple devices. So, there is no necessity to dress up and go to a real casino to play the games. You can do it in the comfort of your home in your pajamas.

4. Mega888 Game Angpao bonus

Angpao Bonus Online Casino Malaysia
Angpao Bonus Online Casino Malaysia

One main thing that draws any gamer to MEGA888 is the jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao. The jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao come randomly but regularly. There are many inspiring stories in the newspapers about Malaysians winning great jackpot prizes and MEGA888 Angpao. The MEGA888 Angpao comes only during festive seasons and many waits eagerly for it to pop up.

5. Free Credit Non-Deposit

Free Credit Non-Deposit Promotions
Free Credit Non-Deposit Promotions

To entice new gamers to join the MEGA888 game, it gives many welcome bonuses. One such bonus is the Free Credit Non-Deposit bonus. All the gamer has to do is to sign up with the MEGA888 game and they will receive free credits which can be put to use in the gameplay later. There is no necessity to deposit any money to play with the free credit unless the game you choose demands so.

6. Live Dealer

Live Dealer Mode In MEGA888 Game
Live Dealer Mode In MEGA888 Game

Many go to land casinos as they like the crowd, sight, and sound. They love to mingle with them and enjoy the excitement. But now with this pandemic and the New Normal policy, it is not possible. In MEGA888 online casino it is still possible. It has live dealer games like poker, baccarat, and so on. It still gives you the feeling that you are playing with others and you can communicate with the dealer.

7. 3D Games

3D Mobile Slot Game
3D Mobile Slot Game

All the games in MEGA888 game are 3D games. Gamers want great color, great sound, great animation, and fantastic winnings. So, all the games are 3D and this captivates the interest of many. These games can go on for hours and it is adventurous for the gamer.

8. Progressive Jackpot Mega888 Game

Progressive Jackpot Online Casino
Progressive Jackpot Online Casino

At MEGA888 game, all gamers look forward to the jackpot wins. It comes randomly but regularly. If there are no wins for the jackpot, then it becomes a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that increases each time the game is in play and no one wins the jackpot. When someone wins the progressive jackpot, the jackpot for the next play is reset to a new value and resumes increasing under the same rule.

9. Avalanche Reels

Avalanche Reels MEGA888 Game
Avalanche Reels MEGA888 Game

In the past, online slots used to be so simple. Spin the Reels, line up the pay lines, and payouts for wins were the normal practice. A new generation of social games has brought a change in slot style. Old-fashioned boring reels simply won’t work anymore. Thus came in Avalanche reels.

The Avalanche feature is a special video slot feature. The Avalanche feature becomes active with every winning, and you do not need special symbols to get it activated. The winning symbols will disappear, the space created with the disappearing symbols will fill up with symbols that fall.

This gives you bigger chances to earn higher winnings. If you get after an Avalanche, one or more winning combinations you will receive this prize as well, and the Avalanche feature will start again.

10. Mega888 Test ID

The MEGA888 test id is a gift from the official to its gamers who wish to test play most of the games in MEGA888. The Mega888 Test ID can be got from the support team of MEGA888 online casino. Along with the test, ID comes with free credits. You can use the credits to test play most of the games. Why is the MEGA888 game giving this test id? Well for only one reason. It wants to boost the confidence of Its gamers and at the same time make them not lose any money of their own. By playing the games with the test id, gamers learn a lot of tips and tricks.

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