MEGA888 iOS – Why You Should Download MEGA88 iOS | By Joker13

Say MEGA888 iOS to any online casino gamers and you will see a big broad smile on their face. This smile has many meanings behind it. For some, the smile comes up because MEGA888 iOS provides a large variety of game selection, excellent picture-perfect game quality, and design.

For others are the remarkably exceptional customer service, user-friendly interface, stringent security system, and high profitability returns. Whatever may be the reason, this is a win-win situation for the gamer and online casino.

Furthermore, I think the most attractive thing that draws many gamers to the website is the 3 different file format installers. There is Mega888 APK for Android devices, Mega888 iOS for Apple devices, and PC version for desktops and laptops.

Get Your MEGA888 iOS From Joker13 Online Casino Malaysia

Where And How Should I Get The MEGA888 iOS Installer?

The iOS installer is only available from authorized online casino dealer – Joker13. This is quite easy to find them nowadays with the internet and google search.

The support team will ask you to register and sign up as a member of Joker13. This registration only takes a few minutes as only basic information is in need.

Once registration is over, an email will be sent to your email account with the username and password. In that same mail, the installer link will also be there.

So, go ahead to use the link to install on your mobile device. You will be able to experience the wonderful world of online casino gaming in your palms.

Things That You Need To Prepare Before Installing MEGA888 iOS

Before installing MEGA888 iOS games, you need to do the following things:

  1. Ensure that your mobile device works well.
  2. The mobile device has enough memory space.
  3. Lastly, your phone must be the latest update.
Find Out What MEGA888 iOS Offer In Joker13

What Does It Offer?

MEGA888 iOS is a complete package that comes with over 100 slot games. So there is something for everyone.

Besides, the games catalog is impressive. You can choose from shooting games, fishing games, arcade games, and also live table games. In one single download, all these games are available at your fingertips.

Since there might be many new gamers to the website, it offers the MEGA888 Test ID. This Test ID is for everyone but obtained only through a request from the customer support team.

Moreover, this Test Id allows gamers to test play all the games in MEGA888. This eases the fear of playing the games plus you can learn a thing or two about the strategy of playing the games.

The only drawback is that the winnings made through the test id cannot be withdrawn. So, think of the test id as a strategic learning tool.

Is It Safe To Download And Play?

You don’t need to worry about safety when playing casino games at Joker13 because it offers one of the most advanced security systems. On the other hand, it has a license to operate in Asia as a virtual casino.

It is also vouched as a trustworthy online casino. Also, it has a two-factor authentication by linking the online casino app with your email.

Since this is an installer for Apple devices, you need to adjust the settings in the mobile devices to accept a download from a third party. If this is not set, your MEGA888 iOS games cannot work.

Reasons Why You Should Download MEGA888 iOS

MEGA888 online casino is standing at the forefront in the online casino gaming arena in Malaysia and Asia to date. The main reason is that MEGA888 offers 3 different kinds of installers to its gamers to suit their needs and wants. Everyone has an Android and iOS device along with their PC or laptop. Each has its plus points and today’s focus is on the iOS devices and in particular the MEGA888 iOS installer.

1. iPhone Is Faster Than Android

The feature of the iPhone being faster than android has always been a plus point for many gamers when they are on a hunt to purchase a new smartphone. If they install MEGA888 iOS on their iPhone, it works doubly well. No slowdown or lag and the running speed of iOS devices remains consistent with time.

2. Design Philosophy On Screen Resolution

Since the time iPhone came into the smartphone arena, it has been big on screen resolution. Clear pictures and graphics have always been the x-factor iPhone gave to attract many. That’s why many gamers switched from android to the iPhone even though the iPhone was a little bit more expensive than Android.

3. MEGA888 iOS Is More User Friendly

All the latest models of iPhones do not come with any buttons on the sides of the phones, Thus, everything and anything pops up as screen features when each application is in use. So, MEGA888 iOS is no exception. Once the installation is over on the iPhone, all features about playing the games through iOS pop up in each area the gamer is in. This makes MEGA888 iOS much more user friendly as gamers need not look for buttons on the side to activate any action.

4. Battery Life Last Longer When Playing The Games In MEGA888 iOS

Battery life is another important feature all gamers look for when they purchase a smartphone. iPhone has been big on this since the dawn of the iPhone and still excelling in it. Once charged to the full, iPhone lasts for a day or two depending on the activity that the iPhone is put in use.

The amazing fact that many playing MEGA888 online gamers have revealed is that once the installation is over through the MEGA888 iOS installer, the gameplay time is extensive. The battery does not shut down while they are in gameplay and even if the battery is failing, it will squeeze the last battery charge from the battery to give the gamer uninterrupted gameplay.

5. Higher Winning Ratio

Most gamers feel that playing the games after installing through the MEGA888 iOS gives Higher Winning Ratio compared to on android. This may seem a little weird to hear and comprehend but many gamers have both iPhone and Android devices. Thus, they are saying this after thoroughly testing the games on each phone respectively.

6. Higher Chances To Get MEGA888 ANGPAO

Getting more chances to get the MEGA888 Angpao is also another proven fact after installing MEGA888 iOS. Most of the winners of the MEGA888 Angpao are iPhone users. This could be due that MEGA888 online casino realizing that many gamers can afford to buy iPhone as MEGA888 gives out regular jackpot wins.

7. Free Credit For Covid-19 Patients Who Download MEGA888 iOS

This is a good move by MEGA888 online casino to help out the Covid-19 patients. These patients have most probably lost their jobs and income and stuck at home doing nothing. MEGA888 is new territory for them and offering free credits when they download the MEGA888 iOS is a brilliant idea. They can use these free credits to test play most of the games and if they win, the money is theirs. To be truthful here, this is MEGA888 online casino’s way of giving back to the community.

8. Get To Play The Latest Slot Games Of 2021

Since everyone can afford to own an iPhone nowadays, most of the latest slot games of 2021 are got first through the MEGA888 iOS download. This makes playing all the latest slot games of 2021 on the iPhone more interesting and exciting.

9. MEGA888 iOS Is A Great Stress Reliever

Playing the games after installing the MEGA888 iOS is a great relaxation for your mind and body. This relieves stress and keeps you more healthy. In fact, during the pandemic lockdowns, many Malaysians turned to install the MEGA888 iOS on their Apple devices. This helped many pass their time effectively without going insane during the first lockdown. MEGA888 iOS was also a means of making extra money during the pandemic period while just sitting at home.

10. MEGA888 iOS As A Source Of Interaction 

At a bleak period like the Covid-19 pandemic where people were forbidden to socialize and mingle, MEGA888 iOS was like a godsend to many gamers. They need not leave their house and break any pandemic rules yet meet a lot of gamers and interact with them through the games that have multiple players. This gave the gamers the feeling that they are at a real land casino and talking to another person was a real relief during the pandemic.

11. MEGA888 iOS Lets You Stay At Your Favorite Location To Play

No hassle of traveling to a location to play the game. You stay put at home and place your bet. Gone are the days that you had to dress up and travel to a casino to play the games. Now through the MEGA888 iOS, you have the games at your fingertips. You can play anywhere and anytime as long as you have a good internet connection from a good service provider. Gamers are with their t-shirt and shorts or pajamas and winning big money. No need to fuss about getting the payouts too as the process is extremely easy.

In fact, by cutting down your travel time and extra expenses incurred in getting to the location to play, MEGA888 iOS has helped many gamers save a lot of money. This money could be put to good use in playing more games through the MEGA888 iOS download.

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