MEGA888 Malaysia | The Story Of Founder Joker13 And MEGA888

MEGA888 Malaysia is now the hottest and most sought after online casino gaming platform in Malaysia today. It came into the limelight in 2017.

And within 3 years has captured the hearts of many Malaysian gamers. For some, it is the fantastic vibrant thematic colors that the games provide. While for others it is the variety of game selection MEGA888 offers. In fact for many and this is the truth, it is the great jackpots and winnings that draw them to this APK like ants to sugar.

Over the years MEGA888 Malaysia has accumulated and retained thousands of gamers in Malaysia and Asia who are actively participating in all the games today.

If this trend goes on, MEGA888 will be the number 1 online casino in Asia. Everyone in this APK is just keen to play and amass huge amounts of winnings.

Let's Find Out What Is MEGA888 Malaysia

Has anyone stopped to think about why it is “MEGA888 Malaysia”?

Well, we all know what MEGA888 means. Mega means huge and 8 represent luck in the Chinese language. So, 888 is triple luck which most Chinese adore and want.

Then how about the word Malaysia? Is there some story behind this?

Well, this is a good question and there is a logical answer to it. Well, it all goes back to 1978 when young Michael Tan was born in a middle-class Chinese family In Taiping Perak West Malaysia.

His parents ran a grocery shop to make ends meet to support the family. Michael was the eldest in the family and he carried all the responsibilities and burden of looking after his siblings and parents. From a young age, Michael was a diligent and filial child.

He would week at a bakery after school to pay for himself and his siblings’ tuition fees. Moreover, on weekends he would be at his parents’ grocery store to help them out.

Michael Tan - The Founder Of MEGA888 And Joker13

MEGA888 Malaysia Founder – Michael Tan College Life

Time went by and Michael completed his high school leaving exam (SPM). He realized that Taiping had nothing much to offer in terms of furthering his studies and career. Furthermore, with the consent of his parents, Michael went to Kuala Lumpur. He joined a college to do a 4-year Information Technology (IT) degree course.

Upon completing his course, Michael got a job in an IT Development company creating video games. This was like a boon for Michael as he loves computer games a lot. He excelled in his job and this brought him many accolades.

One day, Michael decided to start his own company called MT Venture Sdn Bhd. He and his team worked doubly hard and their video games received a great welcome from many. Thus, started good times for Michael Tan.

His keen interest in online casino gaming got him into creating MEGA888 Malaysia with his 10 member team with only a paid-up capital of USD 300k. Today, Michael Tan’s total net worth is approximately USD8.3 billion.

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The Untold Story

So, now by learning about this untold story, we know that MEGA888 is a Malaysian owned company. Moreover, Michael Tan’s story is very inspiring for many people nowadays.

How a simpleton from the state of Perak became a billionaire. There is so much hard work behind Michael’s climb to success. Is Michael Tan sitting at home now and enjoying his fruits of labor?

I don’t think so. Since young Michael has been a diligent worker. So, he is not going to stop now, The online casino gaming industry is booming now, and it’s time to ride the wave.

Joker13 is his new venture and it is doing extremely well. Many Malaysians have won great winnings and have come out in the newspapers. So, are you going to be the next Michael Tan?

MEGA888 Malaysia 2021 Goal

The Goal Of MEGA888 Malaysia In 2021

MEGA888 is like a shining diamond in Malaysia’s sky at the present moment. Many swear and curse that 2020 was a bad year to all but 2020 was an extremely good year for MEGA888. It brought MEGA888 Malaysia to the limelight and made many love it during the pandemic lockdowns.

Furthermore, it gave many people hours of gameplay, relaxation, and above all money. Money was something many needed during the pandemic period and MEGA888 paved the way to get it by simply sitting at home with your mobile device. Thus, due to this climb in success in 2020, MEGA888 Malaysia has set some goals for 2021. Let us take a look at them.

1. Helping As Many Covid-19 patients As They Can

Many people lost their jobs and many more became sick with the virus spreading like wildfire. Thus, people lost jobs and income.

Therefore, MEGA888 Malaysia made sure that Malaysians could stay at home and make money.

MEGA888 gave out more jackpot wins and MEGA888 Angpao. This applies to all to partake and win as MEGA888 is an online casino. No government rules were being violated. All are done following Islamic law and the “New Normal” policy. So, all Covid19 patients played MEGA888 games and won.

2. Let Everyone With A Smartphone Download MEGA888 Malaysia

Have a mobile device and you can travel far is the motto in this digital era. Likewise, this is also the mantra of MEGA888. It allows whoever has a mobile device like smartphones, iPhones, tablets, and iPads to download MEGA888

Of course, this must be following the rules and regulations that the new gamers have to 18 years old and above, All these rules and regulations can be found on the MEGA888 website and also from the support team. Through downloading MEGA888 Malaysia to their mobile device, the gamers get the best gameplay experience, awesome customer service, great winnings, and easy payouts.

How MEGA888 Malaysia Impact On Genting Sky Casino Business?

Many gamers feel that MEGA888 Malaysia has caused a great impact on Genting sky casino’s business. But the actual truth to note is that Genting sky casino is a land-based casino and MEGA888 is an online casino. Both have licenses to operate in Malaysia from the government. But the culprit that caused the impact on Genting sky casino’s business is the Covid19 pandemic. It stopped gamers from going to Genting sky casino to gamble and thus started the downfall. Since MEGA888 was an online casino, gamers immediately jumped on the bandwagon to join it. Maybe Michael must have foreseen such things might happen in the future and made MEGA888 an online business.

How MEGA888 Helping Malaysians During This Covid-19 Pandemic?

We all know that MEGA888 has given many big wins to gamers and there are success stories about it in the newspapers and the internet. But did you know MEGA888 has also done other things to help out during the pandemic? Firstly MEGA888 gave out a 1 to 1 registration drive for new members.

This means that whoever signs up with MEGA888, will donate RM 100 to the organization looking for the cure to Covid-19. This was not all. MEGA888 gave job opportunities to those who lost their jobs during the pandemic. Since the job in MEGA888 was online, the job seeker could just work from home. In one way, MEGA888 was brought down the job unemployment rate in Malaysia.

Will MEGA888 Malaysia Earn Legal Status In 2021?

This is a big question that all gamers are asking, If Genting Sky casino closes down, there might be a possibility of MEGA888 becoming legalized in 202. But this does not mean that we want to see Genting Sky casino closing down as many Malaysians share wonderful memories with it as it was not just a casino, it was a family escapade. Nothing is in our hands and if this pandemic continues then Genting Sky Casino will close down as it does not meet any of the rules of the “New Normal” policy by the government.

If MEGA888 earn the legal status in 2021, then it will be a big boon and boon to the Malaysian economy as MEGA888 is already helping the economy now without asking.

Will Michael Tan Participate In The 2022 Malaysian General Election?

Michael, the founder of MEGA888 Malaysia came from a family that worked hard for the money. He knew the value of money and how hard it was to earn it. Thus, he always wanted to give back to the community by helping gamers win a lot of money during gameplay. He did that too by increasing the jackpots and giving out the MEGA888 Angpao. Since Genting Highlands business was on a downfall due to the pandemic, the Malaysian government was losing a big source of revenue. Realizing this, Michael stepped in and made sure that he helped the economy to be stable by paying his taxes and dues regularly. Anway, MEGA888 is the only fully licensed online casino in Malaysia to date.

Since Michael is so keen to help the Malaysian economy to stabilize, talks on the grapevine say that he might participate in the 2022 Malaysian General Election. Well, that is nothing wrong with it as Michael has been giving back to the Malaysian economy at all times. He is a Malaysian and he knows about Malaysia very well. Michael is a shrewd minded businessman. He started MEGA888 with an army of 10 and within a few years became a billionaire. Did he stop there? Of course not! He went on to his next project Joker13 and that too is a big hit and success.

So, you can see that Michael is a great and talented businessman and if he joins the 2022 election and wins, he will have a lot of contributions to give to boost the economy. Even right now, Michael is contemplating on his next business move and how to help the Malaysian economy. So, let us hope this idea of Michael joining the 2022 election materializes and we can have a better tomorrow.

Find Out How MCO 2.0 Impact Malaysia Slot Game

How MCO 2.0 Impact MEGA888 Malaysia?

Working from home since MCO 2.0 started? Have a lot of time on hand and want to play casino games from MEGA888 Malaysia? No overtime and affecting your income? Well, if ‘YES’ are the answers to all the questions above, welcome to MCO 2.0 lockdown situation in Malaysia. Another lockdown and another set back for many businesses. But at least this time around most businesses that are ready for this are not so badly affected except for MEGA888 Malaysia. It had no impact at all during the 1st lockdown in March 2020 and its business boomed and bloomed. But this time around MEGA888 is going to face some crucial problems that we need to look into.

Problem 1

People are working from home and many think that this is a good idea and a great choice. In reality, it is bad as there will be no overtime and extra perks. Some were made to take unpaid leave and pay cuts. All these are leaving a big hole in the Malaysians pockets and thus less money to spend. What they earn now is just enough for hand and mouth and where do they have extra money to spend on playing games in MEGA888 Malaysia.

Problem 2

Due to this less income state, many MEGA888 Malaysia gamers are turning to the MEGA888 Test ID account to play the games. This Test ID account gives you free credits to test play most of the games in MEGA888 Malaysia. The only drawback is that the gamer cannot withdraw the winnings won during the game. Due to this action, no revenue is coming in for MEGA888 Malaysia and it has many bills to pay.

Problem 3

The Malaysian government allowed its citizens to withdraw their KWSP from account 1 to tide them down during the pandemic period. Some kept it as savings but some invested in playing MEGA888 Malaysia casino games. No doubt that they made money through playing the MEGA888 Malaysia casino games but the government was not happy with it. Thus all new applications get thorough scrutiny and many have got rejections for withdrawals. This has made many Malaysians sad and put them under stress.

Problem 4

The unemployment rate has gone up drastically and many are on the hunt for new jobs. They are willing to take a pay cut rather than go without a job. People’s concentration and thought are no longer on MEGA888 Malaysia as income is the key factor to focus on now. They don’t wish and want to lose everything they have on MEGA888 Malaysia casino games as they cannot visualize what the pandemic holds for them in 2021.

Problem 5

The MEGA888 stock market has also fallen drastically in recent times. Many have invested in MEGA888 Malaysia shares and seeing it go downhill is causing a stir among many. Many are wondering if they had made the right choice or not.

How MEGA888 Help Malaysian During This Epidemic

What Did MEGA888 Malaysia Do To Help Malaysians During This Epidemic?

1. Free Credit

MEGA888 Malaysia gave out a lot of free credits to all new joiners to help them out during the games when the pandemic started. It did not want the new joiners to waste their own money and they could play with the free credits, If they win, the winning is theirs.

Learn more: Learn more about MEGA888 free credit 2021.

2. Provide Jobs To Those Unemployed.

Many became unemployed during the 1st pandemic lockdown especially when Genting Highland, the official casino of Malaysia was on the verge of a shutdown. It had many trained employees working in the casino. Thus MEGA888 Malaysia took this opportunity and gave jobs to them. This stopped the Malaysian unemployment rate from spiraling further and helped the economy to not lose its revenue from casino gambling.

3. Increase Winning Ratio

MEGA888 Malaysia gave out more jackpot prizes and the MEGA888 Angpao to many during the MCO. This was to increase the players’ win rate and allowing more to win.

4. Michael Tan Covid-19 Foundation

The founder and CEO of MEGA888 Malaysia, Michael Tan gave generously to the Covid-19 Foundation. His liberal act made many happy and to face the pandemic with new determined strength.

5. Advance Game Credit

The new joiners got a lot of free credits during the MCO. But did you know that players can Request Advance Credit In MEGA888 Malaysia? This gave double happiness for many as they could play more and win more.

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