MEGA888 Official – The Covid-19 vaccine will arrive in Malaysia

The whole world is now sucked into the vacuum called the Covid-19 pandemic. It started in September 2019 and still trailing on in 2020. It is going to take years to recover from this pandemic. The whole world is trying to find a vaccine and some countries have succeeded. The good news is that the Covid-19 vaccine will arrive in Malaysia at the end of the year. Is the government going to give it to all Malaysians? Will the MEGA888 official participate in funding to get the vaccine to help the government?

Some of you might be thinking like why is the MEGA888 official coming into the picture here when we are talking about the vaccine for Covid-19. Well, to tell you the truth, MEGA888 has played a great role in helping the Malaysian government. It all dates back to 1997 when the financial storm took place and MEGA888 officials spent 100 million to help Malaysia. Well, it’s nearly 20 plus years and it looks like history repeats in 2020. So, MEGA888 is stepping in again to save Malaysia.

How sincere are the MEGA888 official?

The MEGA888 official is sincere in helping the Malaysian government back on its feet. Moreover, it has taken many actions like giving out the MEGA888 Angpao and Jackpots more frequently to gamers to help them out during this period. Furthermore, there are so many success stories of Malaysians in the local newspapers who have won great big wins in MEGA888 and Joker13. It is MEGA888 official way of giving back to the community.

Will the Malaysian government recognize this and praise MEGA888?

Will Malaysia Government Praise MEGA888
Will Malaysia Government Praise MEGA888

To me, I think MEGA888 is already a winner. The founder is a Malaysian and is an authorized licensed online casino in Malaysia without breaking any Islamic laws. Due to this factor, many bankers are willing to back up MEGA888 online casino. The founder is a patriotic Malaysian and thus wants to pay it forward by helping the government.

Therefore, when the MEGA888 official heard about the vaccine reaching Malaysia in 2020, they are most willing to help fund in getting it. This makes many Malaysians wonder why the MEGA888 official is doing this?

Wouldn’t it hurt its business? Well, MEGA888 has been an online business for a very long time. Only now Malaysia is urging its companies to digitize and go online. They have been above the rest for a long time in the online business. So, funding the Malaysian government for the vaccine is never going to hurt MEGA888’s business. The business has bloomed further for the MEGA888. Yes, there will be ups and downs in any business but not for MEGA888. They are very positive and resilient.

Some think otherwise

Some people feel that by MEGA888 official funding the vaccine, MEGA888’s business will go downhill. Currently, many people are working from home due to social distancing and following the New normal protocols.

By working from home they have quality time to play at MEGA888. No bosses to look over their shoulder and breathe down their necks. If the vaccine comes in and cures everyone, then all will go back to work and stop playing MEGA888.

As the saying goes, there are 2 sides to a coin. Therefore, we have to look at it from both angles. The 1st angle is that only if the gamers are fit and well, they can go to work and earn money. Only then they can engage in playing MEGA888 games to double or triple their money.
The 2nd angle is that only if the government comes out of this pandemic strong again, Malaysia will be a good country to stay and work in. So, now you can see why the MEGA888 official is so keen on funding the government to get the vaccine.

What is the relationship between 918Kiss official and MEGA888 official?

Relationship Between 918Kiss Official And MEGA888 Official
Relationship Between 918Kiss Official And MEGA888 Official

They are great rivals in the online casino world from the start. 918Kiss has been around much longer than MEGA888. But MEGA888 has taken over the online casino industry by storm lately.

MEGA888’s game design structure, awesome audiovisual gameplay, great winnings, great easy payouts, and wonderful customer service has won the hearts of many Malaysians and Asians.

918Kiss on the other hand has been having some major problems lately where their regular gamers are not able to play the games as there is a Maintenance sign on the website. It has been weeks now and still no improvement. The loyal gamers of 918Kiss waited for weeks to play the games but to no avail.

Many feel that the Covid-19 pandemic has made it to go bankrupt. Thus, most of the gamers have migrated to MEGA888 online casino which is robust and strong. MEGA888 has more games to offer, more jackpot chances to win and the MEGA888 Angpao to get.

Will the Malaysian economy improve after this vaccine and funding from MEGA888 official?

There is no answer to this question as this is a global world problem. Malaysia may recover through this vaccine and funding from MEGA888 official.

But how about the other countries? The Covid-19 pandemic is going to be like SARS and the common flu. We have to learn to adjust to it and live. Following all New Normal protocols will become a part of our lives.

Something so small that is not visible to the naked eye has turned the whole world upside down. Only the vaccine will help to control it. It will become like common influenza and be part of our lives and generations to come.

So, the MEGA888 official is making the brave and bold move in funding for the vaccine. The Malaysian government appreciates what MEGA888 is doing for the economy.

Maybe one day MEGA888 will receive its recognition from the government and have its land casino in Malaysia. Until then let’s be hopeful that this vaccine will be a lifesaver for everyone in Malaysia. Let’s stand united with MEGA888 to fight this virus.

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