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When you communicate with any MEGA888 online casino gamer, the first question they ask is that if you got the MEGA888 Original APK. Many will stop to ponder why this question is popping up. Well, in simple there are many scammers in the internet world posing as MEGA888 to scam you of your money.

Therefore, to avoid this from happening it is best to get the MEGA888 Original APK. We often read many stories on the internet and in the newspapers of many online casino gamers losing their hard-earned money to such imposters. So, arises the question of where and how to get this Original APK. Before we delve into this question we have to know about MEGA888 first.

Preface to MEGA888 online casino

MEGA888 APK Original
MEGA888 APK Original

MEGA888 online casino is fully licensed to operate in Malaysia and Asia. Many may think that Malaysia being an Islamic country forbids casinos and gambling.

So how come is MEGA888 licensed to operate in Malaysia? There are 2 reasons behind this. The first is that the founder of MEGA888 is a Malaysian from Taiping Perak.

He is none other than Michael Tan. Michael’s climb to the success story is very inspiring to others as MEGA888 arose from hard work and sweat. The second is that MEGA888 is an online casino and has no physical presence and activities in Malaysia at all. Thus, this does not break any Islamic laws and rules that may cause any moral and ethical harm to its citizens.

What does MEGA888 offer that attracts many?

Advantages Of MEGA888
Advantages Of MEGA888

MEGA888 was Michael’s brainchild. Michael being an avid online casino gamer led him to conceptualize and structure how MEGA888 should be. These are the things that he incorporated. They are:

1. Perfect video quality

The latest state of the art game structure and design that would captivate people of all ages. Moreover, the games in MEGA888 were mostly thematic and many could relate to it easily as they might have read about it or played it during their childhood.

2. Great audio and visual effects

It kept gamers rooted to their seats. The sights excited the gamers and the sounds enhanced this excitement.

3. Easy breezy registration

No one wants to spend hours just to register and then hours to play the games. Therefore, the registration only takes a matter of minutes. And soon you have the world of MEGA888 in your hands.

4. Tight security and safety

This is something all gamers look for and MEGA888 has the best firewall to stop hackers from hacking. Furthermore, all personal information is behind tight lock and key, and only top officials in MEGA888 have access to it.

5. Great winnings and bonuses

Even the simplest slot games give maximum yield for a small bet. Plus there are many jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao for grabs.

6. Easy withdrawals

Upon making your first win, you can easily withdraw the money with the help of the support team. After a small verification and upon approval the money goes to your local bank.

7. Awesome customer support 24 by 7

This pleases many gamers as they have 24 by 7 support if they run into a problem or face issues. The customer support also gives great tips on which game to play to win.

With all these factors new and seasoned gamers of all ages joined MEGA888 to get the best experience in online casino gaming.

Where and how to get the MEGA888 Original APK?

How To Download MEGA888 Original APK
How To Download MEGA888 Original APK

The only place you should get the MEGA888 Original APK is from a licensed MEGA888 dealer.

You can find them at or Joker13. The main reason behind this is that they are the only ones that give out the MEGA888 Original APK installer upon registration.

If you download the link from an unauthorized site, you risk facing a lot of damages like personal information being stolen or your deposited money vanishing. The MEGA888 Original APK is an installer that downloads all the games to your mobile device at one go. That’s why the word APK (Application Package).

Many gamers are still confused with MEGA888 Original APK and MEGA888. They are the same and there is no necessity to be in confusion.

Why is MEGA888 Original APK so popular now?

Source From - Google Trend
Source From – Google Trend

We have already laid the main reasons above for its popularity. But there seems to be another hidden reason that we have to take note of. Recently 918Kiss online casino seems to be under maintenance for many months. People who are loyal 918Kiss gamers are wondering what is causing this long hold on the maintenance.

They feel that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused 918Kiss to go bankrupt. But this is not possible as 918Kiss is an online casino just like MEGA888. During the pandemic, MEGA888 flourished. So, there must be some other reason.

Rumors says that the big boss of 918Kiss has been infected by the Covid-19 virus and is still in the hospital. His situation of recovering is not optimistic. Due to this 918Kiss staff are not working and thus the long maintenance. It looks like no one is watching over the overall operations of 918Kiss. On another note, the Malaysian government is going hard on all unauthorized online casinos. Thus the staff is scared to operate at a time like his. It is truly sad to see 918Kiss in such a dilemma.

Many 918Kiss gamers have joined MEGA888 because of its robustness and resilience. Moreover, these gamers find the games in MEGA888 quite easy to play and understand compared to 918Kiss. Plus the winnings from MEGA888 are better.


Always get the MEGA888 Original APK and install it on your mobile devices. MEGA888 has made the original iOS for Apple devices too. Therefore, there is a variety for gamers to choose from on the installers.

On the other hand, always keep a vigilant lookout for scammers as they are polluting the internet. Seek advice from the support team of MEGA888 Online casino about any problems faced. They are there to render any help they can 24 by 7.

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