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MEGA888 online casino has taken the casino world by storm only after a few years in the online casino gaming circle. Some gamers feel that MEGA888’s success is due to the dynamic marketing strategy that it employs to please young and senior gamers. Whereas, others feel that MEGA888 being a Malaysian brand is boosting the confidence of Malaysians and even Asians. So, if you are planning to join MEGA888 online casino as a new gamer, then you must ask the support team about the MEGA888 Test ID. What is this MEGA888 Test ID and what benefits does it give?

What is this MEGA888 Test ID and who is the author behind it?

Michael Tan - Author Of MEGA888 Test ID
Michael Tan – Author Of MEGA888 Test ID

MEGA888 online casino is the brainchild of Michael Tan who is a Malaysian. He spent many years working as an IT developer for video games. Furthermore, Michael had a tough life growing up and his main intention was to study hard and get a good job. As an IT developer, he let his imagination run wild and came up with awesome video games that captivated many online gamers.

Michael also had a strong passion for casino gaming and worked as an agent for an online casino. Thus, he put his vast experience as an IT developer and passion for casino gaming together and started his own company with a team of 10. Moreover, they worked hard to give what most gamers would like to see and experience in an online casino. Some of the things they gave in their games were:

  1. Awesome mind-boggling audiovisual effects that captivated the hearts of many. The gameplay was thematic to draw gamers’ interest and attention.
  2. A multitude of the slot, table, and arcade games that never made any gamer bored. There was always something for everyone to try and enjoy.
  3. Many bonuses in the form of jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao. These are the things that draw many gamers to the MEGA888 website.
  4. Easy winnings and easy payouts. Even the easiest slot games gave huge returns to gamers. The winnings were easy to be withdrawn too. There is no fuss and hassle in collecting your winnings directly to your local bank account.
  5. The new gamers always had fear of playing the games at MEGA888. So, Michael created the MEGA888 Test ID for all gamers to enjoy and use. The MEGA888 Test ID can be put to use in trying most of the games in MEGA888 online casino.
  6. A great customer support team to be always readily available 24 by 7. 

Why you should use the MEGA888 test id?

As stated above, the MEGA888 Test ID can be put to use to test most of the games in MEGA888. Many new gamers fear losing their money due to a lack of confidence in playing the games. The Test ID comes along with some free credits. Besides, these credits will be useful in testing a particular game that you like. Many say that you can learn the strategies behind the games. When you play with your own money, you can employ these strategies for a win.

Where and how to get?

You Can Get MEGA888 Test ID At Facebook, Google, and Joker13
You Can Get MEGA888 Test ID At Facebook, Google, and Joker13

The only places to get your MEGA888 Test ID is through Google, Facebook, and Joker13. Out of these 3, Joker13 is the best as it is also a brainchild of Michael Tan and an authorized dealer for MEGA888 online casino. Just approach the support team and upon registration, the Test ID is yours for trial.

Besides, the Test ID comes along with free credits. Use these free credits to your heart’s contents to test as many games that interest you. If you run out of free credits, just get more from the support team.

Advantages And Disadvantages of MEGA888 Test ID

There are more advantages than disadvantages to using the Test ID. 

The advantages are that :

  1. It is free of charge
  2. Able to test most of the games before the actual gameplay
  3. Learn a lot of tips and tricks
  4. Learn strategies behind the games for a sure win
  5. No limit in getting the free credits under the Test ID account
Is there anything to pay attention to when using the MEGA888 Test ID?
Things That You Should Know While Using Test ID
Things That You Should Know While Using Test ID

There are few pointers for you to pay attention to when using the MEGA888 Test ID. First, make sure that the Test ID is from an official dealer and site. If you do not follow this rule strictly, then you may face the risk of virus attack, loss of important information, and privacy violation. Second, do not enter MEGA888 online casino from 8 to 12 as you will have a very poor gaming experience as there will be too many players.

Has COVID-19 caused any IMPACT on MEGA888 Test ID users?

Users Of MEGA888 Test ID
Users Of MEGA888 Test ID

Many people hate 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic and its worldwide effects. But for MEGA888 online casino the pandemic has been a great boon than a curse. There is a sudden rise in the gamers joining MEGA888 online casinos due to the lockdowns that Malaysia had. Many had to stay at home for 3 months doing nothing. At first, it was a new and exciting experience for many. But as weeks and months went by, it became a bore. So many turned to play games at MEGA888.

Since they were new to MEGA888, they got the Test ID from the support team to test play the games. Many seem to like the MEGA888 Test ID as it gave them free credits to play most of the games. As they continue to play they learned new tips and tricks along the way. The gamers paid nothing for this free service. Day by day their confidence grew tremendously and the moment the government gave the green signal for Malaysians to withdraw their EPF through the i-Sinar scheme, many made great wins at MEGA888 online casino. All these credits go to the MEGA888 Test ID.

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