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Ask any MEGA888 online casino gamer on who they look for right from the start when they sign-up till they win and withdraw the money. The only answer you will get is the MEGA888 Customer Service.

This is of no surprise to many as all online casinos offer great customer support or a Life chat team to help out their loyal members and MEGA888 is no exception. So, in simple MEGA888 Customer Service is a one-stop destination to meet all members’ needs and demands.

How Covid-19 Impact Online Casino Industry
How Covid-19 Impact Online Casino Industry

Recently, during the Covid-19 pandemic when all major businesses were going downhill, MEGA888’s business alone was booming and moving uphill.

Why you may ask?

Well, firstly MEGA888 official is an online business and even the Malaysian government is urging all its companies to digitize and to embrace e-Commerce by going online. Secondly, is the Customer Service that MEGA888 online casino comes with. The awesome service rendered 24/7 by the MEGA888 Customer Service team has drawn many new and seasoned gamers to join MEGA888.

At a time like this when people were losing their jobs and income, the MEGA888 Customer Service staff were receiving good pay handsomely. This made many people want to become MEGA888 Customer Service, team members.

So, is there any job vacancy at MEGA888 online casino for a MEGA888 Customer Service member? Yes, of course. Do you want to know how? Just keep on reading and all will dawn on you.

How to join and become a MEGA888 Customer Service staff?

How To Join MEGA888 Customer Service Team
How To Join MEGA888 Customer Service Team

Well, there are many ways to join MEGA888 online casino as a Customer Service staff. Listed below are a few ways.

Firstly, is to Google and search the internet like any other jobs. Hundreds of websites will pop up and you have to do your job dutifully by checking their careers page on their website. If MEGA888 is hiring, then there will be options for you on how to apply.

Secondly, you can directly approach the Customer Service team who is there 24 by 7 to offer you their service. If there are any openings for vacancy, then they will guide you to the right person.

Thirdly, is through advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and internet pages. Besides, this will be the easiest way as you know for sure that MEGA888 is hiring.

Lastly, is through friends and relatives who are MEGA888 online casino gamers. They will know a lot as they liaise with the MEGA888 Customer Service staff daily for all sorts of help and tip.

Any requirements to join MEGA888 Customer Service?

Responsibility Of A Customer Service
Responsibility Of A Customer Service
  1. This job is for all races in Malaysia who can speak English and any other languages like Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia, and Tamil. MEGA888 does not see any discrepancy in hiring Malaysians for the job. But Islamic laws forbid Malays to work or partake in casino activities. So, naturally Chinese becomes the preferred choice, and anyway, a lot of online casino gamers are Chinese.
  2. Must be 18 and above and have completed high school. But if you have a diploma, degree or master’s is very much welcomed.
  3. Must be proactive and a keen thinker. A keen thinker who is proactive can solve problems for customers.
  4. Must be a team player and work cohesively with others. As a single person, nothing can be accomplished. It takes 2 hands to clap, so they need to work homogeneously as a team.
  5. Must be a customer-centric and customer-oriented person. The main focus has to be on the customer and the problem at hand.
  6. Must be able to give a great customer service experience. A satisfied customer always comes back for more. If the customer is not happy, 1 will tell 10, and 10 will tell the whole wide world about the service experience they had.

What are the main duties?

The main tasks or duties of a MEGA888 Customer Service staff starts at the moment the gamer registers with MEGA888. They are:

  1. Have to teach the gamer how to install the installer on their devices. Some gamers are new to MEGA888. Therefore, extra care is in need for them. The service team staff will leave only when the player can log in and play the games.
  2. Give gamers some tips on which game to play and why play the games. To many, this would be their first time trying their luck at MEGA88. Moreover, giving tips on which game makes money and how to play. It can gives the gamer more confidence in themselves at MEGA888.
  3. Help the customer in depositing the money to place the bet, withdraw the money, and transfer money to the customers’ local bank.
  4. Furthermore, they must help the player solve any problems encountered in the games. It could be a technical problem and so the service staff has to deduce and help out the gamer. If the problem persists, an alternative must be available.
  5. Help out by alerting the gamer on when the next MEGA888 AngPao would be. All gamers want to win the MEGA888 Angpao. So, the service staff knows when they will be available, and alerting gamers gives them great joy.
  6. Check if players are trying to hack MEGA888 Angpao or using MEGA888 hack to crack into any games. If the gamer partakes in such illegal actions, then they will be in trouble.

Benefits of being a MEGA888 Customer Service staff

Being a MEGA888 Customer Service staff has many perks and benefits. For starters, they work on a 12 hours shift but it is staggered. On the other hand, the customer service staff has 13 days off each month.

Plus, their pay is quite high too. It starts from RM3000 and can go up to RM25,000 including overtime, midnight allowance, and bonuses.

The pay surely attracts many as it is lucrative. Gone are the days where Malays don’t wish to work at casinos. With such lucrative pay, anyone wants this job.