MEGA888 Online Casino | Withdraw Money From EPF Account & Double It

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has left the whole world perturbed and devastated, including Malaysia. Thousands had to settle for pay cuts, pay loss, and worst of all loss of a job. The Malaysian government has stepped in to ease this pain from its beloved Malaysians through various restructuring programs. Besides, one such program is that Malaysians can withdraw their Employee Provident Fund (EPF) every month to tide them down during these hard times. So, some Malaysians have made great wise moves by playing online casino games with this EPF money to double and triple it. Also, MEGA888 Online Casino is their first choice as it is the number 1 online casino in Malaysia and Asia currently.

Since the founder of MEGA888 is a Malaysian, this factor alone has drawn many to join MEGA888 Online Casino. The other factors that attract many are the awesome audiovisual thematic experience, variety of slot, table, and arcade games, great jackpots, great winnings, and super easy payouts.

So, to know more about. how to double your money through MEGA888, you must know the steps to withdraw money from your EPF first.

Procedure To Withdraw Money From EPF Account

How to Withdraw Money From EPF Account?

Last time you have to go down personally to KWSP (Employee Provident Fund) office to withdraw your money. But with this pandemic situation, the process has been made online.

Let us now look at the online steps to apply for the withdrawal of money from EPF. The steps are:

  1. Goto KWSP website and scroll down to look for i-Lestari online (
    i-Lestari is a monthly withdrawal scheme that provides members financial aid during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  2. Click on the i-Lestari online icon or text.
  3. There will be a few options for you. If this is your first time click on “Permohonan Baru” (New Registration).
  4. It will display a set of fields that you need to fill up.
  5. Please fill in truthfully all the fields. The maximum you can withdraw per month is RM 500.
  6. Once all the filling up is over, click on “Hantar” (Send).
  7. Besides, it will prompt you that successfully sent if there are no mistakes in the fields.
  8. After this, you will need to wait for approval from KWSP on your approval status.
  9. Also, if you are successful, you will get the money in your bank account every month.

What To Do Next With The EPF Money?

Upon approval from KWSP and your monthly EPF money is in your bank account, it’s time to invest in MEGA888 Online Casino and double it. Look for an authorized MEGA888 online casino dealer.

This can be found on the internet, talking to Live Chat teams from the casinos, reading forums and reviews, and finally asking friends and relatives who are online casino gamers.

Sign-Up With Official MEGA888 Online Casino

Upon finding an authorized MEGA888 dealer, sign up and register with them. This process only takes a matter of minutes and soon the world of MEGA888 online gaming will be at your palms.

Many gamers love this APK for 2 main reasons. Firstly of its great variety of slot games that give awesome payouts. Secondly is the MEGA888 Angpao (red packets) that are given randomly but regularly.

There are many written articles on Malaysians winning RM 8777 through the slot games in MEGA888

So, if you plan to double or triple your EPF money safely, play the slot games after download the MEGA888 original and stand to win the MEGA888 Angpao. Statistics show that many gamers have won a lot of money through Angpao.

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Reasons Why You Should Play MEGA888 Online Casino

6 Reasons Why Malaysian Started To Play MEGA888 Online Casino

MEGA888 Online Casino is a hot favorite among Malaysians and Asians nowadays. Its accolades have brought it to a new height of stardom that many other casinos are jealous of. Let us look at some Reasons why Malaysians started to play MEGA888 Online Casino.

1. Convenience

Gone are the days that you need to dress up and travel to a land-based casino to enjoy your favorite casino games. A lot of expenses and the married man had to bring his entire family along to the area of the casino just to try the games. So these casinos had theme parks and shopping at the casino’s location and made money out of it.

Currently, with MEGA888 Online Casino, there are no such extra expenses to encounter. It gives so many conveniences that the online gamer can enjoy. The games at MEGA888 can be played anytime and anywhere 24 by 7.

2. Variety Of Promotions

MEGA888 Online Casino gives a variety of promotions to attract new and current gamers. These promotions come in the form of bonuses and free credits which help the gamers a lot during the gameplay. Some of the promotions are welcomes bonuses, top-up bonuses, referral bonuses, jackpots, and MEGA888 Angpao. Some of these promotions are seasonal and most are available regularly.

3. Safe And Secure

Safety and security are 2 words MEGA888 Online Casino strives on. MEGA888 Online Casino safety comes from its great tight firewall that houses the MEGA888 Online Casino games. Technical experts are constantly monitoring the firewall to see if hackers are trying to get in. The firewall has many layers of protection and a hacker will lose interest in hacking. The security in MEGA888 Online Casino starts on the day the username and password are made available to the gamer.

The security will stay there until the gamer is an active participant in MEGA888 Online Casino. All personal and bank information is only for MEGA888 officials’ eyes and is under strict supervision and control.

4. Multiple Selection Of Casino Games

MEGA888 Online Casino has a multitude of games to offer to gamers under the slot, table, and arcade categories. There is always a game for anyone to play and the levels of playing are also conducive. The best experience a gamer gets from MEGA888 Online Casino slot games is that the bet is small but the returns are always high.

Many land-based casino gamers can relate to games in MEGA888 Online Casino because it offers games like Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, and many more. Sometime in their lifetime, these gamers would have played these games, and finding it at MEGA888 Online Casino is like a godsend.

5. Higher Chances Of Winnings In MEGA888 Online Casino

MEGA888 Online Casino gives out regular jackpot and Mega888 Angpao wins compared to other online Casinos. The games are easy to learn and play. The bets are small but the chances of winning and the amount are high, This gives many gamers at MEGA888 Online Casino the confidence to play again with higher amounts.

6. VIP Treatment

Right from the moment you join MEGA888 Online Casino, the support team that signs you up gives VIP treatment to each gamer. They know that customer is like gold and they treat them with the highest esteem. The support team is available 24 by 7 and does things like registration, depositing, withdrawal, and advice. The support team gives great advice on games the gamer should try on. Withdrawing the money is the best experience for any gamer and the support team makes it easy breezy.

7. Smooth Playing

Besides, the huge variety of games to choose from, gamers prefer spinning online rather than in a land-based casino. This is simply because many aspects of the play are smoother. When users play at MEGA888 Online Casino, there is no waiting in line or dealing with malfunctioning machines that need to be reset.

There’s no need to carry buckets full of change or run for more change in the middle of a good streak. It’s easier to keep track of the money you’re playing with because you don’t have to deal with heaps of change or piles of chips.

8. No Distractions

Keeping track of the time is more convenient from home as many land-based casinos don’t have clocks that you can find easily. The atmosphere can be disorienting and distracting at a land-based casino, but when you’re playing from the comfort of your own home, it’s easier to focus when you want to and also to stop playing when you want to.

When you play at MEGA888 Online Casino, you can wear what you want, eat what you want, drink what you want, play when you want to with the type of currency you want to play with, and whether you’re a chain smoker or a non-smoker, you’ll never be affected by what everyone else on the floor is doing.