MEGA888 Promotion – Malaysia Best Rated MEGA888 Online Casino

MEGA888 has completed 3 years in the online casino gaming industry. It shot to fame and popularity within a short period and has thousands of gamers in MEGA888 online casino. Some say that MEGA888 online casino has great marketing dynamics in luring new and seasoned casino gamers to their website. While others feel that they have a lot of bonuses and MEGA888 Promotion to capture the hearts of many. Whichever technique they use, they are surely doing it right as MEGA888 is now the most sought after online casino in Malaysia and Asia.

What Kind Of MEGA888 Promotion Does It Have?

The MEGA888 Promotion comes in various forms in various seasons. Since the founder is a Malaysian, most of the festive occasions like Chinese New Year, and Christmas promotion is available.

During Chinese New Year MEGA888 gives the Angpao promotion. It is a must to give red packets during Chinese New Year as red symbolizes luck. The number 8 is also much preferred by the Chinese because it represents luck too. So, the winning prize for MEGA888 is RM 8,777. Likewise, another festive season to give Angpao is during Christmas. It’s time to be generous and share, so MEGA888 Free Angpao is made available as a promotion.

MEGA888 Promotion 2020-2021

Why Is There MEGA888 Promotion?

The MEGA888 Promotion is a way for MEGA888 to thank its loyal gamers who play regularly. Moreover, it has already got the jackpot wins but these come randomly only. But during festival seasons the MEGA888 Angpao comes randomly but more frequently. MEGA888 feels that through this promotion, they can give back to the community. The gamers get to play and enjoy all the games plus also earn something extra for rainy day savings.

When Is The Promotion Start, And Is There Any Announcement?

Well, as stated above, the MEGA888 Promotion comes during festive seasons to help out many gamers. Therefore, MEGA888 will announce on their website and WhatsApp. Many gamers log in through the website on their devices and so a flash on the website will alert the gamers. Since the MEGA888 WhatsApp facility is now available, this message is made available there too. Through the MEGA888 WhatsApp, thousands of gamers can be alerted on the MEGA888 Promotion.

Another place where you can watch for promotion is at Joker13. Why Joker13 you may ask? Joker13 is the brainchild of the founder of MEGA888. Thus, many gamers enjoy the games at Joker13 and have won many great winning too.

Is There Any Other Person Or Place I Can Approach To Find Out The Promotion?

Well, how can we forget about the Live Chat support team from MEGA888? They offer their service 24 by 7 and are always ready to provide a great customer service experience. So, approach them and they will provide more information on when the promotion would be taking place. If you are quite close with them, they will alert you personally through whats app.

If you do make a great winning from the MEGA888, it would be nice of you to give the customer support team a treat once in a while.

MEGA888 Player Volume During This Pandemic
How Does Covid-19 Impact MEGA888?

The above chart is based on the player statistics of the MEGA888 mobile slot by the Malaysian Online Casino Association (MOCA).

From February to November we can see a significant increase in MEGA888 players. Especially when November came to the peak, the total players actually came to 174,54515.

On the other hand, players have been on the rise since February, because at that time Malaysia implemented a movement control order (MCO). Nonetheless, people are not allowed to step out of their homes without a reasonable reason. Because it is boring at home, everyone’s only entertainment is MEGA888. More importantly, in June, 918Kiss was down without any announcement, which resulted in the loss of many players. Players all downloaded MEGA888.

Although 918KISS resumed operations in August, everyone was getting used to the MEGA888. So, the volume of players still continues to increase. And last month 918KISS ushered in the second wave of unannounced maintenance this year. Therefore, MEGA888 players reached their peak.

But it is a shock that since the players dropped nearly 700,000 in December. In fact, several factors have caused such big ups and downs. Furthermore, this is why MEGA888 will launch the MEGA888 promotion in the next few months, hoping to create another peak.

The Causes

The following factors are the reasons why MEGA888 lost players in December.

  1. MEGA888 iOS problem: On December 3, MEGA888 iOS players are facing a problem. When they click MEGA888, the APK will encounter crash issues. This problem still plagues iOS users to this day. Therefore, everyone changed to play XE88.
  2. Many people are unemployed: This epidemic has caused many Malaysians to lose their jobs, and many companies have also closed down. Moreover, people have no extra money to gamble.
  3. 918KISS is still everyone’s first choice:  Although 918KISS is still under maintenance for so long, players are still more accustomed to 918KISS. Therefore, many players would rather wait for 918KISS to reopen than to play MEGA888.
  4. Players are bored with MEGA888 games: Since MEGA888 does not always develop new games like 918KISS, players gradually become bored with him.
  5. Royal police Malaysia (PDRM) is currently actively arresting people for illegal gambling: Malaysia is an Islamic State. So, Malays are not allowed to gamble. And the most populous in Malaysia are Malays. For this reason, many players dare not gamble.


As a gamer, you have to do your fair share of keeping track of when the MEGA888 Promotion will run. Keep a record book for yourself and engage actively during these seasons to get the MEGA888 Angpao. Therefore, play regularly one particular game and concentrate on it. The early bird always catches the worms!