MEGA888 – 11 Reasons Why You Should Withdraw EPF i-Sinar And Play In MEGA888

Now we are in gloomy times due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Malaysian government is doing its level best to help the people and economy. It has given out many incentives in the form of cash to the citizens and grants to small and medium-sized businesses. Recently the government has allowed the citizens to withdraw their EPF through i-Sinar. At first, many citizens were unhappy with this as the government was making them use their own EPF to survive. But as time went by, the citizens too came to terms with this as the pandemic seems to be here to stay for a long time. So, what are the citizens going to do with this EPF money that they withdraw? If they use it to pay bills and survive, soon this too will not be enough. Therefore, I suggest you play in MEGA888.

Learn more about how to withdraw from EPF and invest in MEGA888.

Invest In MEGA888 Or Stock Market?

How about investing this money and doubling or tripling it? The stock markets are not doing well too so the next best alternative is to play online casino games. To be precise, play at MEGA888 Joker13. It is an online casino that is at the forefront of most online casinos in Malaysia currently. The reasons are many for gamers to like and choose this APK. But, the core fact that MEGA888 is a Malaysian product itself markets it well among Malaysians.

11 Reasons Why You Should WITHDRAW EPF i-SINAR And Play In MEGA888

11 Reasons To Download MEGA888 Original
11 Reasons To Download MEGA888 Original

With all that being said about the incentives given by the government and MEGA888, we shall dive into the reasons.

1. EPF money is your own hard-earned money

EPF money is your hard-earned money which you have been saving since the day you went to work. Therefore, you have all the right to use this money in any way that you see fit.

2. Strict EPF laws last time but not anymore

Previously you can only withdraw from Account 1 at 50 and both Accounts at 55. Yes, EPF did allow you to withdraw from Account 1 to use for home financing, renovations, and studies. But all these had strings attached and valid proof was in need. Now with this i-SINAR withdrawal, there are no questions asked. You can withdraw this money monthly to suit your needs.

3. You can double and triple your money instantly

With this EPF money, you can play at MEGA888 and double or triple your investments. Stocks and shares give no reliability at a period like this. But you can trust MEGA888 as it is an online business and everything is mobile.

4. A great way to relax

Playing with your EPF money is like striking 2 birds with 1 stone. You get to double or triple your money and it is a form of relaxation to ease the pain of not doing anything. Moreover, it can relax your mind from tension and stress.

5. Great scenes and sounds experience

Last time you had to go to a gaming center to experience all the vivid and bright colors along with the great audio sounds. Now all these are available in MEGA888 through the games at the comfort of your home in your palm.

6. Meeting people

With this pandemic, we are not able to go out and meet people. Even if we do, we have to maintain social distancing. But playing live casino games at MEGA888, you can interact with a lot of gamers locally. It brings back the nostalgic feeling of playing at a real land casino.

7. Hitting jackpots to get big wins

MEGA888 has many small and big jackpots for its gamers who play regularly. It also gives out the MEGA888 Angpao during festive seasons like Christmas and Chinese New year.

8. Become an online entrepreneur

Not only MEGA888 allows you to make money, it also allows you to become a MEGA888 agent. By becoming an agent, there are so many benefits. You earn commissions from those gamers that you recruit under you and MEGA888 itself gives awards and rewards to the best agent. Now you can work and be your boss. No more bosses to control you and no necessity to dress up to go to the office.

9. Great winnings

Most of the games gives out great winnings. The slot games are the ones which can vouch for it. Even the simplest slot game can give you a big win.

10. Easy payouts

Upon making your first big kill, your mind would be thinking about when you can cash out the money. MEGA888 makes it extremely easy for winners to withdraw their money. It’s a hassle-free payout after some simple verification.

11. Great customer service

MEGA888 strives to give the best customer service experience that it can to all its gamers. A satisfied gamer will always come back if the service is good.

Why are so many people are searching for MEGA888 recently?

Winnning In MEGA888 APK
Winnning In MEGA888 APK

There are many reasons why so many people are looking for MEGA888 nowadays. Here are some of them.

  1. MEGA888 online casino games were very carefully designed to meet the taste of young and old gamers. Most of the gameplay is thematic and most gamers could relate to all the games.
  2. It had a wide variety of slot, table, and arcade games to please everyone. There will never be a single day of boredom for its players.
  3. Moreover, it gave the best customer support 24 by 7. The support team was always there to help out starting from the registration till playing the games. They usually helped if there were any issues or problems and gave great gaming tips. This drew many gamers to the MEGA888 website.
  4. Awesome winnings from MEGA888. Even the simplest slot game gave high returns. Furthermore, it had regular jackpot wins and MEGA888 Angpao to give out.
  5. Easy breezy payouts. This is something all gamers want and look for in an online casino. The support team makes payouts a child play. No hassle and no fuss. If you got the documents to prove your winning, then the payout will be yours in your local bank within minutes.
  6. Most gamers from 918Kiss are not happy with the site as it has been under maintenance for months. Rumors have it that the boss of 918Kiss is sick and his staff are clueless on how to run 918Kiss. Thus many of these gamers have joined MEGA888 online casino.

Thus, MEGA888 online casino has taken precedence over 918Kiss and is now Malaysia’s second most played mobile slot online casino.

How To Win In MEGA888?

MEGA888 Google Trend
MEGA888 Google Trend

This is the most sought after question by many gamers joining MEGA888 online casino. First, make sure that you join and download your APK from an official site like Joker13. Upon registering, you will receive an installer link to help you download the APK to your mobile device. It is better to install on Android mobile devices as they are very adaptable to 3rd party software, unlike Apple devices.

If you have no confidence to play the games with your own money, you can request from the support team for the MEGA888 test ID. This is free for all as you can use this account to test play most of the games. The only drawback is that you cannot withdraw the money won through this Test ID account.

To know more tips on winning at MEGA888, you can read many articles from the They often share game tips and how to train with MEGA888 Test ID.

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Contact MEGA888 Customer Service here.


MEGA888 WhatsApp – Now You Can Easily Contact The Official MEGA888

Click To WhatsApp MEGA888
Click To WhatsApp MEGA888

Preface to MEGA888 WhatsApp

With the advancement of technology, the lives of many casino gamers have changed drastically over time. Those who went to land casinos last time to try their hand in casino games are doing it now at the comfort of their home. With MEGA888 WhatsApp, you no longer need to dress up, travel, and no need to fight for space to play the games.

Also, especially at the slot machines. Now everything has gone mobile. You can play in your shorts and T-shirt anytime and anywhere in any of the games from the casino.

Offering such a facility to many gamers is MEGA888 APK. A new APK in the online casino gaming industry, MEGA888 has captured the hearts of many.

Some say that it is because of the well designed thematic gameplay, multitude of slot games, table games, and arcade games, and ease of play.

Others stand strong on the points that it gives great winnings, easy hassle-free payouts, and awesome customer support service. Whatever the reasons may be, it has captured the hearts of many in leaps and bounds.

Find Out What MEGA888 Offer To Players

What Is MEGA888 Offering?

There are many things it is offering to attract new gamers and to retain current gamers. Here are some of them:

Firstly, are great bonuses: These bonuses come in the form of a welcome bonus, birthday bonus, top-up bonus, referral bonus, and a jackpot bonus.

Secondly, the chance to become a MEGA888 agent: The steps are as easy as the registration process. The only highlight is that you need to have a communication app like WhatsApp or Telegram.

Thirdly, is the MEGA888 WhatsApp service. Everyone has WhatsApp on their mobile device currently. Therefore, It is easy to communicate with gamers as WhatsApp is a free service. Furthermore, big business transactions are happening through WhatsApp nowadays worldwide.

MEGA888 WhatsApp Customer Support

Tell Me More About MEGA888 WhatsApp

Since, WhatsApp is a free service and easy to download and use, MEGA888 uses it for multiple reasons. They are:

A one-stop place for you to make a complaint

This is a great move and idea by MEGA888 as gamers always need assistance and guidance. They can contact the Live Chat Team.

But if there is a WhatsApp chat it will save a lot of time. All complaints or complaints can be put there and there will be an instant reply.

A one-stop place for a suggestion 

If there are any suggestions to improve MEGA888 services, this is the right place. There might not be an instant improvement but at least you have made someone hear about the improvement.

A one-stop place to report about a MEGA888 agent

Gamers welcome this as if the agent is not performing well, how will MEGA888 come to know about it. As of now, there are no such allegations but it is better to prepare for it.

A one-stop place to register with an official agent

Great idea too. Usually, you will have to source for the agent but now with this service, it becomes hassle-free.

Easy to prove for verification of winnings with MEGA888 WhatsApp

If there is a winning, you need to take some pics as proof and send them to the Live Chat Team for verification. With this MEGA888 WhatsApp, the process becomes simpler.


Life has become a bed of roses for many online casino gamers. Play in the comfort of your home. The games are in your palm. Just one swipe and you are playing the games.

In trouble, you have MEGA888 WhatsApp for assistance. What more can a gamer ask for?


MEGA888 Best Games – What Are The Best Game To Play In MEGA888

What I want to introduce to you today is the MEGA888 best games. But firstly, I have to let you know what MEGA888 is.

 It is an online gaming casino that mostly operates in Malaysia and Asia. Moreover, it came to everyone’s attention in 2017 and has climbed the ladder of success. That is to say, it has made a name for itself among gamers.

Because of the unlimited replay value, excellent thematic game design, high profitability, smooth gameplay flow, speed, and pace.

Together with a wide variety of games, awesome customer service, and tight security makes all gamers want to play at MEGA8888.

How Secure Is MEGA888 APK
Is It Safe To Play At MEGA888?

You don’t need to worry about safety when playing casino games. Because it offers one of the most advanced security systems. Furthermore, it carries a full license because the founder of MEGA888 is a Malaysian.

Thus, many firms vouch for its trustworthiness as an online casino. In this APK all passwords and personal information are under 128-bit encryption. So, hackers will not be able to gain access to your personal information.

Even if they do gain access somehow, your password is under a tight key and lock. They won’t be able to read your password unless they can crack the encryption.

MEGA888 Slot Games
What Type Of Games  MEGA888 Offer?

Mega888 offers over 100 slot games, live table games, and arcade games. The games catalog is very impressive and attractive.

The casino goes through constant updates and maintenance so that players can expect new releases every month. So, there’s something for everyone.

Are There Any Best Games In MEGA888?

Well, this is a very good question. MEGA888 has a wide variety of games to suit all. But there are 2 which are a favorite among many.

They are Sun Wukong and Robin Hood.

First MEGA888 best game is Sun Wukong. It is a 5-axis 15 pay lines slot game based on the legendary Chinese Monkey King. This is a unique game that offers four jackpots for players to play with, which is what most slot gamers dream of.

The second MEGA888 best game is Robin Hood. It is a slot machine game with 5 reels and 20 pay lines. Moreover, the aim is to rotate the same symbol on one of the 20 fixed pay lines.

Payment charts are enriched with additional features like Shifting Reels, free spins, money bags, and Wild symbols. It is time to take away from the rich and give to the poor with the help of some funky bandits in Robin Hood.

The Easiest To Win MEGA888 Games

Why Sun Wu Kong And Robin Hood Is The MEGA888 Best Game?

For decades, slot games have been a favorite among many casino gamers. The main reason is that the returns from your small bet are always large.

Besides, this tradition has trailed on to online casino games too. The online games offer many features like thematic backgrounds and sound effects to match it.

On the other hand, it has vibrant and vivacious colors to keep you captivated, ease of playing, great jackpots, and huge winnings.

More importantly, is the experience of virtual reality. Thus, many gamers go for these 2 games in particular.

Where Can I Download MEGA888 Original?

You can do so by joining an authorized dealer. Likewise, when you sign up and register with them, the installer link to download all the games is sent to you.

The whole colorful world of online casino gaming awaits you. Unlock this secret and experience a new vibrant world of joy and wonder.

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